Trump Claims the Military Wants to Go 'Woke' Hours After Criticizing the Term


Former President Donald Trump insists the military wants to go “woke” — despite criticizing the use of that term.

During a town hall with Fox News’ “Sean Hannity” Thursday, Trump said, “You know, our military is great.”

However, he insisted there are “a lot of things going on with our military with the woke and all this nonsense. They’re not learning to fight and protect us from some very bad people.”

“They want to go woke. They want to go woke. That’s all they talk about now. I see letters that are being sent. It’s horrible. I mean, it’s really a serious problem,” he added.

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While Trump accused the military of wanting to become “woke,” he criticized the use of the term just hours earlier.

Speaking in Iowa, the former president said, “I don’t like the term ‘woke,’ because I hear the term ‘woke, woke, woke.’”

“It’s just a term they use, half the people can’t define it, they don’t know what it is,” he added.

Do you think the military wants to go "woke"?

The term “woke” originally referred to being aware of social justice issues.

However, conservatives have turned it into a phrase to reference progressive issues.

Trump’s comments were made after it was reported a drag show at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base was canceled.

NBC News reported the event was approved by Air Force leaders.

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However, it added that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley stepped in and “told the Air Force it is not Pentagon policy to fund drag shows on bases and the show should be canceled or moved off base.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who previously grilled Austin and Milley about drag shows on military bases tweeted, “HUGE VICTORY: The Department of Defense has CANCELED a scheduled ‘child-friendly’ drag show after I demanded answers from [Austin] and General Milley!”

Gaetz added, “Drag shows should not be taking place on military installations with taxpayer dollars PERIOD!”

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