Trump Claims Coronavirus Is Democrats’ ‘New Hoax’: They Are ‘Politicizing’ It

President Donald Trump is responding to the criticism he has faced for his response to the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

On Friday, Trump appeared in North Charleston, South Carolina, for a rally, where he took the time to address the media and Democratic lawmakers’ criticism of his decisions.

“The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” Trump claimed.

“One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well,'” Trump said. “They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax.” 

“This is their new hoax,” he said of the coronavirus.

Check out the footage from Trump’s rally:

Members of the Trump administration have also expressed similar sentiments.

On Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney also referred to the coronavirus as a “the hoax of the day.” Mulvaney also accused Democrats of using the virus outbreak as a way to “bring down” Trump.

“The reason you’re seeing so much attention to it today is that they think this is going to be the thing that brings down the president,” he said. That’s what this is all about it.”

Mulvaney also refuted the claims about the Trump administration “scrambling” to come up with a plan to combat the potential pandemic.

The latest news follows a string of reports about Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) ongoing political sparring match surrounding the coronavirus.

Pelosi and other Democratic lawmakers have criticized most of Trump’s coronavirus response efforts. In fact, there has been a lot of tension as House Republicans reportedly walked out of a closed-door briefing about the coronavirus outbreak on Friday when a senior Democrat slammed the Trump administration.

As previously reported on IJR, Pelosi has said she doesn’t think “the president knows what he’s talking about,” while he has insisted she is “incompetent.”


  1. They complained when he shut down travel with China and now they say he’s not doing enough. Yes, they are using this virus as their next battering ram, thus the word “hoax”. They will claim Trump thinks the virus is a hoax and that’s not what he said. Of course, they always lie about what Trump says and does.

  2. The flu kills more people then this one it was China who did this exactly all of you who are putting Trump down please tell America how you would stop this since you all know so much more and we better get ahold of the CDC and need to let them know you are going to tell the American people exactly how you are going to stop it

    1. At least I wouldn’t put an anti-science, anti-health, ignorant person at the head of effort to stop an outbreak while at the same time stopping health officials from communicating openly at a time when speed is of the essence.

      1. It did appear that Trump was falling back on the R’s usual response to a crisis—“thoughts and prayers” And who is better at “thoughts and prayers” than Mike? It is Trumpian to criticize those who note Pence’s failure at containing the HIV spread in southern Indiana in 2015, WHEN it was Trump that touted Pence’s success as a REASON for naming him to head the response. If 2, then 3, then 5 cases was the result of Pence’s inaction then no reason for criticism—But the actual results were 2, then 3, then 5 , then 15, then 200! No one in touch with reality would call that a success.

        1. You know, that kind of thinking reminds me of dystopias, such as the well knownl “1984” and “Animal Farm”. What is light is dark, what is good is bad. Newspeak says our enemies are our friends. Leaders literally pin medals on their friends even though they did outrageously bad things to earn them.

          This country is getting more fascist every week.

          1. From the onset of the Trump administration, the supporters have echoed whatever he says. “The inaugural crowd was the largest ever. Period.” Response to the evidence was “Trump is a victim” of doctored photos. Trump said he did not have affairs with Stormy or McDougel nor did he know of the NDA’s or payments, they dutifully attacked the women claiming they wanted media attention at Trump’s expense—AGAIN, Trump was the victim. UNTIL Giuliani confessed to Hannity and the Trumpers immediately went into “So what?” response. When the Kim family history of playing the U.S. was the basis of distrust that Kim Jung Un was UNLIKELY to give up his nuclear program, the skeptics were accused of TDS. If anyone disagrees with Trump’s position on ANY topic, then “Trump is a victim” and the one disagreeing “Hates Trump” or has TDS. I am happy for history to determine an accurate definition of deranged thinking.

    2. I am confused.

      Why is it that you NEVER criticize King Donald The Loser? Of all of the stupid, illogical and outrageous, even illegal things that he has done, why do you never speak out about that.

      NOBODY, and I do mean NOBODY, is that perfect.

      So curious.

      1. Their response is predictable. For 7 years they claimed they were not wrong on the Iraq War. For 7 years they claimed Sarah Palin was brilliant and we were unable to appreciate her leadership skill. For 6.5 yrs they claimed Brownback was proving Reagan’s trickle down, pay for themselves tax cuts actually was true. –Kansas had to give up 6 mo early on the claim because they were going broke. Trump has been “perfect” for 5 years, which means he has 2 more years before a Trumper is going to admit what has been clear since 2015.

  3. DA do-nothing liberal D-RATs politicize EVERYTHING—so much so, they are ignored by patriotic Americans!

    1. Actually, the only one that patriotic Americans are ignoring is that pumpkin-head in the White House. Really! He should get a better make-up artist.

      1. The country can survive Trump’s spray on tan and comb-over hairstyle. MUCH more disconcerting is Trump’s penchant for ignoring his diplomatic, military and financials advisers, his intel community, his justice department, and SCIENTISTS. Is the damage to our relationships with our allies long lasting? Is the damage to the U.S. reputation for being supporters of human rights, anti-corruption, freedom of the press and speech, and rule of law damaged for DECADES? The spray on tan and the comb over the country can survive.

        1. You are confused by His Majesty.

          He understands EVERYTHING better than ANYBODY, including the experts, don’cha know? He he he. He keeps on telling us that himself, anyway.

          1. I have been aware Trump was a con man BEFORE he ever announced his candidacy. I was aware of Trump’s extensive history of corrupt business practices. My husband and I have for decades socialized with the DJT of our town. Just like DJT, the guy has been fined for corruption in EVERY business he owned—My husband and his friends would NEVER vote for that guy for dog catcher, but my husband and his pals all voted for Trump.
            From the time we were in grade school thru college and our professional lives, we knew who was the smartest person in the room–and it is not ever based on their pronouncements of being intelligent. If someone NEEDS to say they are a “stable genius,” they need to ask themselves WHY.

  4. The left is trying hard to have President Trump comply with their desires to handle this problem the way they desire. This of course would allow the virus to enter the United States and proceed to kill millions because this is what the left wants. They will do anything to get President Trump out of office and as all good communists believe, a few million killed is ok if the prize is won (I.e. stalin, mao, pol pot, castro, un, etc). Do NOT listen to the likes of confuction or michael (with a capital B).

    1. Bob, this disease is developing into a catastrophe. Please try to get a poll of all the people who have died, and ask for their political affiliation. It’s too bad that you care so little about those affected. The bare minimum of intelligence and concern would benefit you greatly.

      1. IF this is a “catastrophe” as you claim, WHY is the medical profession equating it to a cold and/or the flu?

        1. The death rate in the U.S. for the flu is 0.2%. The death rate for coronavirus is 2.0%. NO medical professional is equating it to a cold and/or the flu. AMERICANS, not simply Democrats, want the U.S. to LEARN from China’s mishandling of the virus–NOT REPEAT it. We were ONLY testing individuals that had visited China UNTIL LATE LAST WEEK. Wanting our families to be protected is something ALL Americans should want.

          1. Early numbers suggest the mortality rate for older people could be around 15%. Confused James The Projectionist needs to pay attention.

      2. baal paul you are an idiot. There are exactly 2 deaths (older people) in the US. Because President Trump put a plan into action on Jan 1 so we have NOT had but few cases here and that is no thanks to you communists who were more interested in impeachment than protecting America. You need to find facts and stop your lies and deceit. More than 30,000 are killed from the flu in the US every year. You are a blithering idiot just like confuction.

  5. If by “politicizing” he means being held accountable by the media for incompetence and corruption, then yes, that is happening.

    1. Speaking of corruption: where were you when the Kenyan, Hillary, Kerry and Holder were doing nothing but drawing a Government paycheck as taxpayer parasites? The FACT is Trump has been on top of this coronavirus since mid-January 2020 (according to several REAL news sources and an interview with VP Pence) while the D’RATS were dreaming up something new to impeach him over.

      1. ALL news sources reported in real time, the 1/31/2020 EO to subject all travelers from the Hubei province within 14 days to a 14 day mandatory quarantine and screening. The EO further ordered that on Feb 2nd all those returning from other parts of China would be screened and “self quarantined.” ALL news sources, including FOX, reported Feb 27th that symptomatic patients testing negative for the common cold and the flu, could NOW be tested for coronavirus even if they had not been to China. The mandatory screening of those returning from Milan, Italy was approved on Feb 27th. NO ONE is suggesting impeaching him for his response to the virus.

  6. “Trump Claims Coronavirus Is Democrats’ ‘New Hoax’: They Are ‘Politicizing’ It” Headline

    King Donald The Loser is politicizing the outbreak just by making his claims. SMH

      1. Yes, I am not surprized that something so obvious would confuse you.

        Hint: it’s all in his words, so read them again. He is YOUR Dear Leader, so you have to understand what he says so that he can control you.

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