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Trump Declares He Concedes 'Nothing' After Appearing To Accept Election Defeat

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President Donald Trump is making it clear that he is not conceding the presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, Trump appeared to accept that Biden won the election.

He wrote, “[Biden] won because the Election was Rigged. NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!”

However, hours later, he tweeted a clarification to state that he was not accepting defeat. Rather he claimed he was referring to news outlets’ decision to call the race for Biden.

Trump: 'I Never Admitted Defeat' in the 2020 Election

“[Biden] only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” Trump wrote, adding, “I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!”

The Associated Press and other news outlets called the race for Biden on Nov. 7 as he appeared to win in enough states to secure the necessary 270 electoral votes. 

However, Trump has not conceded the election and repeatedly falsely claimed that widespread voter fraud swung the election in Biden’s favor.

In a statement, Trump said, “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over.”

He went on to claim without evidence that Biden’s campaign “wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters.”

Last week, he blasted the idea that news outlets calling the winner of the election, as he tweeted, “Since when does the Lamestream Media call who our next president will be?”

Despite his claims, there has been no evidence of widespread fraud that swung the results of the election in Biden’s favor.

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