Trump Blasts DeSantis' 6-Week Abortion Ban: 'A Terrible Thing' and a 'Terrible Mistake'


Former President Donald Trump is criticizing the idea of signing a six-week abortion ban.

During an interview with NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Trump was asked if he could give voters a “very clear sense” of where he stands on the issue of abortion.

“I think they’re all going to like me. I think both sides are going to like me,” he responded.

He continued:

“What’s going to happen is you’re going to come up with a number of weeks or months, you’re going to come up with a number that’s going to make people happy. Because 92% of the Democrats don’t want to see abortion after a certain period of time.”

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Watch the video below:

Host Kristen Welker then asked, “If a federal ban landed on your desk if you were re-elected, would you sign it at 15 weeks?”

“Are you talking about a complete ban?” Trump asked.

Welker said, “A ban at 15 weeks.”

“Well, people are starting to think of 15 weeks, that seems to be a number that people are talking about right now. I would sit down with both sides, and I’d negotiate something, and we’ll end up with peace on that issue for the first time in 52 years,” Trump responded.

However, he declined to say if he would sign a 15-week ban.

He then pivoted to blast Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for signing a 6-week abortion ban in Florida.

When Welker asked if he would support such a ban, Trump said, “I think what he did was a terrible thing and a terrible mistake.”

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