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Trump Sounds off About Upcoming Election Claiming Results May Never Be Accurate

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President Donald Trump sounded off with his latest take on the upcoming general election as he insisted the results of the presidential race may never be accurate.

On Thursday morning, Trump took to Twitter with multiple tweets as he claimed massive amounts of “unsolicited ballots” are being sent to “voters” he presumably believes are not legitimate.

The president also alluded to the possibility of the election results never being accurate.

“Because of the new and unprecedented massive amount of unsolicited ballots which will be sent to “voters”, or wherever, this year, the Nov 3rd Election result may NEVER BE ACCURATELY DETERMINED, which is what some want. Another election disaster yesterday,” Trump tweeted. “Stop Ballot Madness!”

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Trump went on to attack the states he refers to as “unsolicited ballot states” demanding that they should “give it up now.”

Although mail-in voting has been an option for decades and multiple states only conduct elections by mail, Trump said states should “ask” voters go to polling locations to cast their ballots instead.

He added, “The big Unsolicited Ballot States should give it up NOW, before it is too late, and ask people to go to the Polling Booths and, like always before, VOTE. Otherwise, MAYHEM!!! Solicited Ballots (absentee) are OK.”

Trump’s latest attack on mail-in voting follows a string of complaints and concerns about the voting practice and the integrity of the upcoming election.

However, many of the critical reports have been focused on the president’s actions as opposed to the voting practices.

Earlier this month, Trump found himself at the center of controversy when he sparked confusion as he alluded to the possibility of voting twice.

During a rally in North Carolina, Trump appeared to encourage his supporters to cast ballots by mail and head to the polls and vote again on November 3, as previously reported on IJR.

“These mail-in ballots are a disgrace and they know it. Sign your mail-in ballot. Sign it and send it in and then you have to follow it. And if on Election Day or early voting, that is not tabulated and counted, you go vote,” Trump said.

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During that same rally, the president also set the stage to argue the possibily of an election upset as he insisted the only way he could lose is if the Democratic Party cheats.

“They are not going to be able to tabulate it because you will have voted. You have to make sure your vote counts. The only way they are going to beat us is by doing that kind of stuff,” he claimed.

Many Democratic and Republican lawmakers and legal experts, along with state and local officials, have spoken out in support of mail-in voting while noting that there is no evidence of the suggested voter fraud Trump regularly speaks of.

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