Trump Preps for ‘Another Big Lawsuit’ Against Mail-In Voting

President Donald Trump is preparing for a new lawsuit against voting by mail, insisting it is a method Democrats can use to rig the upcoming general election.

During a radio interview with Michael Savage on Monday, Trump expressed concern about the mail-in voting system as he confirmed the Republican National Committee (RNC) would be filing a new lawsuit to halt mail-in voting.

“We’re suing, and we’re filing another big lawsuit, I think, on Friday, and I think we have a good case,” Trump said.

Back in May, the RNC filed a lawsuit in an effort to temporarily block California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) previous order allowing the expansion of absentee and mail-in voting amid the pandemic.

The president went on to suggest the Democratic Party’s push for mail-in voting may be an effort to rig the upcoming election.

According to Trump, “Newsom announced that he’s sending out millions and millions of mail-in ballots.”

“You say, ‘Who are they sending these to?’ … Let’s say, take a Republican district, and maybe those ballots don’t get sent there,” Trump said, adding, “This is the craziest thing. This will be a rigged election if they are allowed to do it.”

See Trump’s remarks below (starting at 5:30):

Trump also claimed mail-in voting may be the “biggest risk” for his re-election.

“I think that’s one of the biggest risks I have,” he said. “And the biggest risk, frankly, that the Republican Party has is mail-in ballots. It’s a very big risk.”

Despite Trump’s ongoing suspicions about mail-in voting, it is a legalized voting practice that has been in place for many years. It is also important to note that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in regards to mail-in voting, as previously reported on IJR.

However, there is a report that says the Republican Party benefited from gerrymandering during the 2016 general election when Trump won the presidency, analysis by The Associated Press shows.

The analysis conducted by The Associated Press “found four times as many states with Republican-skewed state House or Assembly districts than Democratic ones.”


  1. There’s the tell right there:
    “I think that’s one of the biggest risks I have,”

  2. “I think we have a good case,” says the fascist idiot who thinks litigation solves any problem.

    If American Fascists can’t rig an election, they win less.

    1. Re: voting reform, fair elections -_- “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” King Donald The Loser, March 29, 2020

      His Majesty has a habit of saying the quiet parts out loud. He isn’t supposed to speak the truth publicly about voter rigging and suppression, but lucky for us, he just can’t help himself.

        1. Yep
          You deny in CA that votes have been mailed to dead voters and voters not living at the address they were sent to. Lets see, the votes are cast anyway with no one ever being able to be accounted for and prosecuted for doing so.

  3. “However, there is a report that says the Republican Party benefited from gerrymandering during the 2016 general election when Trump won the presidency, “……………………. yeah only republicans benefit from gerrymandering, how stupid, you really think the democrats don’t?

    1. Yes, both parties use gerrymandering, but the American Fascist Party does it a lot more AND use FAR more voter suppression tactics, too. It you don’t fight that within your party, you are a hypocrite.

        1. Ignore, ignore, ignore it all you like, Lying Paul The Emeffer. The American Fascist Party needs to clean up their act a lot more, too.

    2. Honestly, I’m just as disgusted when the Democrats do it. Its outright voter suppression and should be stopped acroas the board.

      1. There are efforts to stop gerrymandering, but the American Fascist Party controls a lot of states where it is carried out and have a lot of corrupt conservative judges back them up, so it is really difficult to eliminate it. There have been a few significant wins over the past few years, though.

      2. This is why voter reforms are so necessary and urgently needed, but again, the American Fascist Party fight them tooth and nail. Just look to what King Donald The Loser is doing here! He is fighting reforms that will ALSO help contain COVID-19 and maybe stop some lives from being lost! THAT is dispicable.

        1. You and I are on the same page here. I’m more interested in a conservative viewpoint to understand what their beef is with limiting gerrymandering.

  4. Rabid feral hogs, hyenas, and jackals

    look like the apex of civilization compared

    to tramplinthinskin.

    The despicable piece of shit is TERRIFIED

    of the upcoming election’s result.

    1. seems your party is or they wouldn’t be so desperate to change the rules

      1. Since you think so it is obvious that you live with

        your head permanently locked in your rectum Tom.

        Were you born this way or are you succumbing to peer pressure ?

        1. Johnnie boy as you are a product of an unsuccessful abortion still stuck in your mothers ass.

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