Trump Says He Thinks Sanders Would Be a Tougher Challenger Than Biden

During a Fox News town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump was asked who he would rather run against in the presidential election later this year.

Trump didn’t explicitly answer the question on Thursday, but said he thinks Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would be a more formidable opponent than Joe Biden (D) because “he’s got a base.”

“I think in a certain way, Bernie would be tougher, because he’s got a base. It’s a much smaller base than my base, I think a lot of my people are here because — and I did nothing to do that — but we have a lot of support in Pennsylvania. And I think we have a lot of support everywhere.”

Watch the video:

Trump added that he was “all set” to run against Sanders, and shared some of the attacks he was ready to make against Sanders’ policies. 

“I was all set for Bernie, cause I thought it was going to happen. So, mentally, I’m all set for Bernie. Communist, I had everything down. You know, ‘He’s a communist.’ I was all set.”

He continued to knock a series of gaffes that Biden has made during the campaign, “Then we had this crazy thing that happened on Tuesday — which he thought was Thursday.”

“But, he also said 150 million people were killed with guns. And he was running for the United States Senate, ‘Support me I’m running for the United States Senate.’ There’s something going on there,” he added. 

However, he said he thinks it will be “very hard” for Sanders to win the nomination after Biden won 10 out the 14 states that hold primaries on Super Tuesday and leaped into first place for the delegate count.

Trump’s comments come as Biden and Sanders have emerged as the front runners for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

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  1. I say again, let’s have EVERY government figure, including candidates and every single employee GS14 and above submit to financial, health, and security exams which are made publicly available.

    Fair is fair and remember THEY WORK FOR US. At least in theory.

    1. Quid pro quo Joe would need to get a pass due to his missing a lot of working parts between his ears. He should get a point each for sniffing female hair and groping, though.

  2. Phyllis,

    People make mistakes. Just like your choice to post here.

    It’s a pattern of consistent mistakes which are a BAD thing. q.v. Joe’s constant gaffes, confusion, and inability to complete sentences. He just missed Super Thursday and Is probably chewing on e one of his wife’s/sister’s fingers publicly while running for the Senate. THAT is a pattern.

    YOU are cherry-picking and also wrong. YOU know or can easily find out that dementia/Alzheimer’s is based on a set of criteria including personal health, family history, cognitive testing, THEN MRIs.

    Trivializing actual dementia/Alzheimer’s patients for easy mistakes is also part of a pattern. It’s called TDS.

    1. Taking an MRI exam would take ammunition away from the “he is O.K.” argument.

      On the other hand, what if it proves that he DOES have dementia developing? Then this country really is fooked.

      On the other other hand, if it proves negative, then it supports the notion that he truly is an idiot, just like his two sons.

      1. As compared to quid pro quo Joe who displays dementia NOW? Maybe the old Marxist Bernie should be checked also to find out what he is thinking when he’s pushing his Fascist, World economy destroying agenda. Trump is the only sane candidate running.

  3. In the 4th of July, 2019 address to the nation, Trump recognized the Revolutionary soldiers for successfully defending the AIRPORTS. In a November 2017 meeting in Manila with PM Modi, Trump responded to the prime minister’s expressed concerns regarding China, It is not as if you have China on your border. There are gaffes and there are GAFFES.

    1. Dr Justin Frank wants King Donald The Loser to take an MRI exam, to test for dementia. His father suffered from that disease for seven years before he died.

      The sharpest candidate, by far, for our presidency is Bernie Sanders.

        1. I am confused.

          Prove what, that King Donald The Loser is an idiot? He proves that himself many times each day. You don’t need me for that.

          Prove that he has dementia? I can’t do that. His Majesty has to step up and disprove it himself. That’s got nothing to do with me. I am just the messenger.

          1. “His Majesty has to step up and disprove it himself.”
            There’s an example of your defective thinking right there.

            For instance, I could say you hang around children’s playgrounds with ill intent. Disprove it.

          2. IF YOU can’t prove any of what your Fascist handlers spoon feed you, WHY do you keep blabbing about such unsubstantiated idiocy? Are you really wanting people Nationwide to know what an idiot you are as a Socialism indoctrinated parrot by providing clear, unquestionable PROOF day in and day out? Yes; WE got your message; e.g. #Socialists-R-Idiots.

          3. Trump just recently went through four HOURS of tests conducted by ELEVEN specialists and was given a clean bill of health. Not bad for a 72 year old man who can’t begin to prove he supposedly has onset dementia (or may have according to some first semester kindergarten “expert”).

        2. Prove that Bernie’s sharp. He’s been singing the same socialist/commie stanzas his entire political career. A parrot can be taught to repeat the same phrases.

          IF he were “sharp” and not surrounded by ideologues, he’d have started reaching out to the Dim establishment after winning IA, NH, NV. He needed them to win the nom. Now they’ve thrown in with Joe.

          Not “sharp”.

      1. Surely you jest (lie), as usual. Marxist Bernie “Vladimir”? LOL!! He is the prime example of a repeat loser.

        And since you know nothing about dementia (unless you’re afflicted with it being a Socialist idiot), it’s safe to say Trump is the sharpest knife in the D.C. drawer and will continue to be during his second term (while Marxist Bernie “Fidel” is out buying up more real estate for his “wealth redistribution” agenda – his own portfolio). Marxist Bernie is done. Stick a fork in him – AGAIN!! (Maybe he should go back to being a Socialist Workers Party candidate – a Marxist like he did in 1980 – next time since it hasn’t worked for him masquerading as a DemocRAT in 2016 or 2020.)

        1. “it’s safe to say Trump is the sharpest knife in the D.C. drawer and will continue to be during his second term” Confused James The Projectionist

          BWAHAHAHAHA! The guy is planning of cutting your Social Security, dude, and you are cheering him on while he is doing it! That’s like being tied to a stake and requesting more oil to be poured on your flames. Good going.

          1. More spoon fed lies parroted by the kindergarten class idiot. Check the record: Biden (Dimwit) has been wanting to cut Social Security for years along with Medicaid; raise taxes, etc. Bernie (Commie) would likely want a bigger cut to have money for a couple more houses – or a personal airplane to ride around in to tell the World we must get rid of fossil fuel to save his planet. Liars and hypocrites. Is that all you have?

        2. As usual, you never bothered to address the big elphant in the room – Dear Leader himself admits in his budget that he wants to cut YOUR entitlements. You cannot escape that fact.

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