Trump Says He Thinks Sanders Would Be a Tougher Challenger Than Biden


During a Fox News town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump was asked who he would rather run against in the presidential election later this year.

Trump didn’t explicitly answer the question on Thursday, but said he thinks Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would be a more formidable opponent than Joe Biden (D) because “he’s got a base.”

“I think in a certain way, Bernie would be tougher, because he’s got a base. It’s a much smaller base than my base, I think a lot of my people are here because — and I did nothing to do that — but we have a lot of support in Pennsylvania. And I think we have a lot of support everywhere.”

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Trump added that he was “all set” to run against Sanders, and shared some of the attacks he was ready to make against Sanders’ policies. 

“I was all set for Bernie, cause I thought it was going to happen. So, mentally, I’m all set for Bernie. Communist, I had everything down. You know, ‘He’s a communist.’ I was all set.”

He continued to knock a series of gaffes that Biden has made during the campaign, “Then we had this crazy thing that happened on Tuesday — which he thought was Thursday.”

“But, he also said 150 million people were killed with guns. And he was running for the United States Senate, ‘Support me I’m running for the United States Senate.’ There’s something going on there,” he added. 

However, he said he thinks it will be “very hard” for Sanders to win the nomination after Biden won 10 out the 14 states that hold primaries on Super Tuesday and leaped into first place for the delegate count.

Trump’s comments come as Biden and Sanders have emerged as the front runners for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

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