Trump Slams Fox News as Poll Suggests He Is Trailing Biden

President Donald Trump is expressing disdain about Fox News’ latest poll results which suggest Americans prefer the likes of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on coronavirus response and the general election.

On Friday morning, Trump took to Twitter where he criticized the news outlet. He made it clear he is not pleased with the latest poll results.

Trump tweeted, “Why doesn’t [Fox News] put up the CNBC POLL or the (believe it or not!) [CNN] Poll? Hope Roger A is looking down and watching what has happened to this once beautiful creation!”

Fox News’ latest poll suggests a sharp decline in Trump’s approval rating, indicating Americans believe Biden is more trustworthy on the coronavirus response, China, and healthcare while only trusting the president with the economy.

In addition to the Fox poll, multiple other polls also signal similar indication, as previously reported on IJR.

Trump’s latest tweet comes less than one day after his previous barrage of verbal attacks criticizing Fox News.

On Thursday, the president shared a series of fiery tweets as he accused the network “doing nothing to help” him get re-elected.

He tweeted, “Many will disagree, but [Fox News] is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd. Sure, there are some truly GREAT people on Fox, but you also have some real ‘garbage’ littered all over the network.”

Despite Trump’s ongoing attacks on the network, Fox News has yet to respond to the president.


  1. question to Donald, are you going to fire Fox News soon ? You must be losing your touch if you can’t get them to lie for you. Such a lonely life you lead, only people who like you are the ones with 10 or fewer teeth.

  2. Polls mean nothing now. Hillary was trouncing Trump in the polls right up to the election.

    1. Multi-Friend doesn’t recognize reality.

      There were 13 national polls released during the last week before the election. All but 1 had Clinton slightly ahead of Dear Leader. But…

      National polls only measure the popular vote. Clinton did, in fact, win the national popular vote by 2.1 points. The average of the 13 final national polls had Clinton ahead by 3.1 points, which was only a point off of the actual result. Do you remember what the one poll that had Dear Leader ahead by? 4.1%.

      So reality is that you should stop listening to our national cry-baby and deal with actual facts.

  3. FOX is a RINO and should take them with a grain of salt.

    They said the same thing about hildog and look where she is now..

    1. Art is a HINO, thinking he is human but not being able to engage in critical thought or make a sound argument that reflects reality.

  4. I feel the same way about Fox and it’s polls. I have often wondered who they are polling. Any Fox host with an ounce of intelligence should not be able to serious show or read these poll results with a straight face. It’s disappointing to me as a dedicated Fox viewer to listen to this craziness on Fox. I too thought they were more creditable than other news networks. I stand with President Trump. Talk radio is a better option.

    1. Linda is confused by polling.

      “I have often wondered who they are polling.” Linda

      If you don’t know about something, then LEARN! It isn’t all that hard to do, you know. The one thing that you should NOT do is discount the facts revealed by a poll. A good polling company will give you the details needed to assess their polls, IF you know what to assess and how.

      FOX has a reputation for doing good polls. I wish they didn’t, but I go by the facts. You should, too, Linda. That way you will be less confused.

    2. Yeah Linda….if you only want to listen to what you want to hear and not the truth. Trump can’t stand the truth so he’s looking for another network when Fox tells it like it is.

  5. Wasn’t Hillary a sure winner? How’d that turn out? She even had the hall and balloons ordered. Boo and hoo. The mail in voting that the Democrats are so proud of cramming down our throats may come back to bite them. So many ballots being misplaced or unsent. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. I see Cherl hasn’t learned a thing since she last exposed her deep knowledge about polls.

      Read my reply, above, about how accurate the 2016 polls were. And THIS time, please remember the facts, so that you don’t make yourself look so ignorant, in the future.

  6. Pith Trump, put him in a wheelchair drooling and he would still beat bu buhhuh biden

  7. OH NO the overflowing with shit RECTUM-IN-CHIEF is super pissed at his propaganda network for not lying to him about the results their poll !
    The pathetic little shit has 2 states of being : fat and happy or fatter and enraged. The latter has been constant since his IMPEACHMENT.

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