Trump Says Stock Markets Will Crash If He Loses Election

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the U.S. stock market will crash if he loses the election this year.

During a trip to India, Trump told business leaders stocks will jump higher if he is re-elected, but “if I don’t win you’re going to see a crash like you’ve never seen before.”

He said his administration planned to announce tax cuts for the middle class in the not too distant future.

Trump also said that Monday’s steep fall in share prices was bad because of fears of the coronavirus, but the United States was in good shape in terms of tackling the problem.

He said Chinese President Xi Jinping was working hard on the issue. “And I think it is going to be under control … I think it is going to work out fine. We hope so,” trump said.

(Reporting by Steve Holland; Writing by Sanjeev Miglani)

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  1. “U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the U.S. stock market will crash if he loses the election” Article

    The markets are crashing WHILE he is elected!


  2. Poor little snowflakes confuction, baal paul and syphilis. All they have is hate lies and deceit to push their agenda. First of all losers, you nor obutticus did anything to give us the best economy in eons nor have you done anything to strengthen our military to keep us safe. Ya’ll have been the nemesis of America since it’s founding. You have worked to destroy Her at every turn in the road. If the markets crash it will be because you have created the means by which it will happen and not because of ANYTHING President TRump has done. You are the party of destruction and totalitarian rule and it is YOU that is the problem. Ya’ll have been the problem since our founding, Ya’ll have been fighting against freedom, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence since before 1776. Get over yourself because you are not relevant to our freedom.

    1. “you nor obutticus did anything to give us the best economy in eons” Confused Bob The Projectionist

      I am confused.

      Best economy for whom? The top 10% are doing GREAT! Some corporations promised that they would plow the tax bonus back into increasing productivity, wage increases, etc. Few did. Most of them gave themselves GREAT bonuses, though, or just bought back their own shares. After 1934, doing THAT was illegal for fifty years because of the harm that it caused.

      The bottom 50% of the population live hand-to-mouth with basically no investments. Their median wage has dropped by 3% over the last half century. CEOs used to earn between 7-8 times their employeess. Now, it is more like about 800 times. A large chunk of us are about $400 away from financial disaster, even when we need 3 jobs just to survive.

      So tell us again who is benefiting from this “best” economy?

    2. Bob, I totally agree with you. From the beginning Trump has does nothing but trash the Constitution, and everything it stands for for our country. I agree with you: we must stand up against Trump and all that he says, from one moment to another, and stand up for America. Thank you, and congratulations , Bob. We need more like you.

    3. Bob, I replied to you again a couple of minutes ago. so I know what you somehow believe in Trump. Please take a look at his record: lying, obstruction of justice, lusting after Ivanka (whoops, we won’t talk about that.) There is so much that you can be proud about. (By the way: it’s spelled Y’all, not Ya’ll. You’re welcome.)

      1. Weren’t you the same whiner who said he doesn’t judge? So I think I will. You’re 5’4”, pattern baldness, no one listens to you even though you think you have stellar thoughts to share. You are tiresome and tireless in your hatred towards a man who doesn’t know you exist. Am I close?

        1. Cherl,
          Once again, I say that anything I post is the truth, not judgment. And for the one time that I agree with Bob, you are on my back (gawd, I hope not). Have a nice day, even though it’s only a Wednesday.

  3. King Donald The Loser is confused.

    The markets are way overdue for a correction. Prudent investors should consider what they need to do to protect themselves from something more serious because he could do all sorts of things to trigger something way worse than just a correction.

  4. Oh, yeah, the markets will crash, just like his four or five bankrupt business. I still am trying to get a ticket on the Trump Airline to his Taj Mahal casino. Also, his Trump Hotel is booked up. Can anybody help me? PLEASE!!!

  5. Bioweapon – not a bat in a market. Globalists, DS will do anything to oust Trump. Their talking heads have admitted they need to crash the economy. All they are proving is why we need to decentralize from China. In the end, this attempt to oust Trump will fail like all the others.

  6. For those who refuse to take Prevagen, IJR reported that Trump said Jan. 22, 2020 when asked by Joe Kernes about the coronavirus that he and XI are on the case and “It’s under control.” A month later, it is “going to be under control” and “We hope [it will work out fine.]” It is a great day for America when the POTUS can say something on the world stage that everyone in the world can agree—“We hope so.”

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