Trump Tells Biden to Be Careful What He Wishes For: 'The Same Can Happen to You'


When former President Donald Trump took to social media early Monday, he had a warning for the current president that Democrats everywhere should be paying attention to.

In the midst of waging the leading campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump is battling four blatantly political legal prosecutions, brought by prosecutors who barely hide their partisanship.

And he offered President Joe Biden some advice: “The same can happen to you.”

“Why didn’t Crooked Joe Biden tell his Injustice Department to file the lawsuits and Indictments against me 3 years ago, instead of right in the middle of my campaign for President? You’re setting a BAD precedent for yourself, Joe. The same can happen to you,” Trump wrote.

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“These Third World Biden Indictments, which should never have been filed, would have been tried and over with years ago. My SleazeBag Opponent shouldn’t be able to do this during my campaign, OR BEFORE THE ELECTION!”

The operative words there are it “can happen to you.”

Biden might well be wishing for a prosecution of Trump in federal court that will take away a political headache once and for all, but he should be very careful about what he wishes for.

What the Biden Justice Department and special counsel Jack Smith have unleashed in the country is political prosecution dressed up in legal trappings — and a good deal of the country knows it.

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An August poll by ABC/Ipsos found that roughly half of Americans consider the Trump prosecutions to be “politically motivated” — that’s a damning statistic for a country whose Founders believed in a government “of laws, and not of men.”

For all their talk about Trump shattering presidential “norms,” it’s Democrats who’ve spent the 21st century pushing their agenda at all costs — then learning that there was a price to be paid when the pendulum of power swung away.

The best example is the Democratic Senate decision to end the filibuster for federal judicial appointments in 2013, with the exception of Supreme Court justices. The idea was to stack the federal judiciary with appointments by then-President Barack Obama, regardless of Republican opposition.

When Republicans returned to power and Trump entered the White House, they simply followed the Democratic precedent to its logical conclusion and ended the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees — paving the way for the current conservative majority that ended the monstrosity of Roe v. Wade, among other decisions.

With the Biden presidency, the Merrick Garland Justice Department is engaged in prosecutions of the kind that are more suited to the banana republics of the Third World, or totalitarian regimes, than the country created by the Founding Fathers.

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Trump returned to Truth Social hours after the it “can happen to you post” (presumably after getting some sleep) to renew his complaints.

“Why didn’t they start the totally political BIDEN INDICTMENTS & COURT CASES Three (3) Years Ago, instead of the MIDDLE OF MY CAMPAIGN???” Trump wrote. “Third World Country-ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!”

Unfortunately, the question obviously answers itself. The Biden Justice Department didn’t need to pursue Trump until it was clear that he is the single greatest threat to the continuance of the Democratic regime.

And now it’s doing it with the wild abandon of an unprincipled prosecutor, a clearly biased judge, and an all-too-accommodating establishment media.

No honest person can dispute that — and the suspicious timing of the legal actions against Trump bears it out.

To be fair, not all of Trump’s legal problems are coming from the Biden Justice Department. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis have launched their own partisan attacks on the former president.

But it’s what the Biden administration has done to the federal legal system — the Justice Department, the disturbingly dishonest FBI — that should concern all Americans, including Democrats who are enjoying Trump’s problems now.

Political power in the U.S. isn’t a static affair. Elections have consequences, as the slim House Republican majority is showing with its increasingly powerful case against Biden and the Biden family for almost breathtaking corruption.

After the Democrat-engineered “Russia collusion” hoax that handicapped the Trump presidency, after the trumped-up first impeachment trial of 2019-2020, after the blatantly political prosecutions that have trailed Trump on the campaign trail in his bid to return to the White House, Democrats have gone a long way toward hollowing out a justice system that has stood outside politics.

When they’re out of power and out of the White House — hopefully in January 2025, but inevitably at some point — Democrats are going to have good reason to remember Trump’s warning.

After what Biden has done, and allowed to be done, what’s happening to Trump can happen to anyone.

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