Trump Unveils Super Bowl Ad Touting US Economy: ‘Stronger, Safer, More Prosperous’

President Donald Trump is touting the strength of the U.S. economy in a new Super Bowl ad.

The Trump campaign released the 30-second advertisement on Thursday, ahead of the National Football League (NFL) championship game on Sunday.

The advertisement, titled “Stronger, Safer, More Prosperous,” is one of two that will air during the Super Bowl. The other commercial will air for the first time during the game.

“Just as the Super Bowl crowns the greatest football team, nothing says ‘winning’ like President Donald Trump and his stellar record of accomplishment for all Americans,” Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a press release.

Parscale added, “With an incredible economy, historically low unemployment, and a policy of putting America first, President Trump is most certainly Keeping America Great.”

The clip shows Trump winning the 2016 presidential election and touts the wage growth, as well as the unemployment rate for African-American, Asian American, and Hispanic American hitting a record-low.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come,” Trump is heard saying in the video.

Watch Trump’s advertisement below:

Additionally, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is set to have a campaign commercial air during the Super Bowl. His 60-second commercial focuses on gun control, as IJR reported.

“People will be rooting for different teams in the Super Bowl, but virtually all Americans – including people in both parties and a majority of gun owners – support universal background checks and other common sense gun laws,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

See Bloomberg’s advertisement below:

Despite the steep price, Trump and Bloomberg will fight for the attention of those watching Sunday’s football game.

Having a commercial in this year’s line-up costs $5.6 million for 30-seconds, and the two are each spending $10 million each.

This will be the first time since at least 1989 that two political campaign advertisements will air nationally during the Super Bowl, as USA Today reported.


  1. How about fighting for the Angel Mom`s who have lost their children due to lax immigration and sanctuary laws?

  2. >Screwtape<

    Do not believe I would have been so calm, cool and collected. I am annoyed that Fascist cowards continue to denigrate and slander a President – or any elected official – who has done so much for this Country. Their HATRED shows they have an incurable mental disorder which cannot be cured with any known medication and rely on failed Socialist propaganda to try and convince others they maybe enjoy being enslaved and indoctrinated by Fascists. I continue to be amazed that NONE of the HATERS can explain WHY they hate this President, his policies, the progress in every category (economic, employment, military, etc.) IF they would compare present day America with the previous Administration run by a Marxist who only masqueraded as a D'RAT; HATED America and Americans and did NOTHING for either in eight, abysmal years. I am neither a registered DemocRAT nor a Republican; but I can certainly appreciate how this President has brought America back from the depths of a demise through his love for America and hard work almost entirely by himself!

  3. The sad thing is that he needs to advertise what people, non TDS-afflicted, can see for themselves.

    I had an old biddy try to goad me with “the damage he’s done” earlier today, obviously referring to Trump. I was sooo tempted to kick her cane out and ask if that’s damage or not, but cameras. First rule of sociopathic behavior: do not get caught.

    Instead I shifted to what her Dimocratic government has failed at. It’s Oregon. Like losing our local post office (despite warnings since 2010) AND the state’s complete failure (Dimocrats again) on RealID despite 15 years of warning.

    I asked her why the city found money and time to spend on an “equity workshop” when postal service and more important matters were pending AND spend 100k+ to construct an outdoor gym NO ONE uses nine years of the month. It’s Oregon and it rains/is cold. I have yet to see a single user. Maybe we should make the city leaders/employees use it or lose health coverage.

    She decided to go back to her car for something she forgot.

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