Trump Weighs in on Romney Joining Protesters in Washington, DC

President Donald Trump is sharing his reaction to Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) decision to support protesters in Washington, D.C.

On Monday, Trump retweeted the footage of Romney with a comment that read, “Tremendous sincerity, what a guy. Hard to believe, with this kind of political talent, his numbers would ‘tank’ so badly in Utah!” 

Trump’s tweet comes just one day after Romney explained why he decided to join the movement.

While marching with a group of Christian protesters, Romney said, “We need to end violence and brutality, and to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.”

Many Twitter users have interpreted Trump’s tweeted response as a passive-aggressive form of sarcasm given his ongoing clash with Romney.

Earlier this year, Romney was the only Republican who voted in favor of convicting the president for one of the two articles of impeachment. That decision led to more tension between Trump and Romney.

Months later, Romney ended up being the only Republican senator excluded from Trump’s “Opening Up America Again” advisory committee. At the time, the president admitted the decision was intentional, as previously reported on IJR.

When Romney opted to self-quarantine for COVID-19, Trump reacted in a tone similar to his latest remarks about the senator joining protesters. At the time, Trump said, “Gee, that’s too bad,” as previously reported on IJR.

Following Romney’s negative COVID-19 test result, Trump tweeted, “This is really great news! I am so happy I can barely speak. He may have been a terrible presidential candidate and an even worse U.S. Senator, but he is a RINO, and I like him a lot!”

Despite Trump’s claims about Romney’s approval ratings, the Utah senator actually has a 56% approval rating.


  1. Mitt Romney didn’t mention King Donald The Loser during this March, yet His Majesty had to take offense with Romney marching for Black Lives Matter.

    That says a lot about this thin-skinned man-child.

    Also, Romney’s approval numbers are pretty good compared to His Majesty’s (56 vs 42%). Even Joke Biden has a 41% approval in this very conservative state.

  2. “Tremendous sincerity, what a guy.” King Donald The Loser

    What a guy?

    Do you mean like Your Highness who only came out of your bunker, from behind a new security fence, so that protesters against our worst systemic problem had to be bullied out of Your Highness’ way? THAT kind of tremendous guy?

    How can he stand living with himself? Oh, right, he is a pathological narcissistic.

    We MUST elect better politicians.


  3. The Artless, Racist, Asshole-In-Chief, Bunker Baby, never misses a chance

    to show how complete an artless, racist asshole he is.

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