Trump's Super PAC Shares Article Praising Biden for Withdrawing from Afghanistan, Admitting Election Defeat


Former President Donald Trump’s super PAC shared an article that admits he lost the 2020 presidential election and says President Joe Biden “rightly” decided to withdraw from Afghanistan.

On Thursday, his Save America PAC shared a link to an article published in The American Conservative written by Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor.

A header in the story insists, “President Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan has produced just the exposure the generals hoped to avoid with Trump’s defeat.”

“Presidents usually get the generals they want. In the last election, though, the generals got the president they wanted. Or, at least, so they thought,” Macgregor, who as an adviser to the secretary of Defense under Trump, wrote about Biden’s election victory. “It’s easy to understand. President Trump was a menace to the generals, especially the four stars in the Army and the Marines. In sharp contrast to his predecessors in the White House, Trump declined to accept unconditionally the generals’ best military advice.”

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He went on to say the former president “intuitively sensed that the generals’ dogged resistance to total withdrawal was in reality the triumph of general officer self-interest over national interest.”

Additionally, he argued that the nation’s generals believed that admitting defeat in Afghanistan would “not simply throw 20 years of graft and deceit into sharp relief; such an admission would expose the four stars themselves to serious scrutiny.”

“November produced an outcome that promised a continuation of the status quo in defense that Trump challenged from the day he took office. Biden’s victory reassured the senior ranks of the Armed Forces that nothing of substance would change. Business as usual in defense, including overseas commitments, would continue without interruption,” Macgregor claimed the generals believed about Biden.

Finally, he said, “When Biden rightly concluded that it was time to extricate American military power and investment from the Afghan morass, the secretary of Defense and the four stars, primarily MacKenzie and Milley as Biden’s advisor, were left alone to execute the withdrawal in a way that saved American lives, checked the power of America’s enemies, and preserved national prestige. In all of these tasks, Secretary Austin and his generals failed.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized Biden for the execution of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he said was “developed by a child’s mind.” However, he has argued that the U.S. “should not have been in the Middle East in the first place!”

Biden has in part blamed the chaotic exit on a deal negotiated by the Trump administration to end the war in Afghanistan.

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