Tucker Carlson Issues Plea for Biden to Intervene Ahead of Possible Trump Indictment


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is asking for an intervention ahead of the potential indictment of former President Donald Trump.

During a segment of his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, Carlson declined to speculate on the accuracy of reports about the investigation into the allegation Trump paid adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep silent about an affair.

However, he said, “Here’s what we know: a [George] Soros-funded prosecutor in New York – a man who ran on the promise to indict Trump – seems to be working hard to indict Trump.”

“So in Manhattan tomorrow, what will certainly be an overwhelmingly liberal grand jury will meet,” he continued. “And unless something unexpected happens, Democrats will have taken the unprecedented step of using a corrupt justice system to take out the front runner in the Republican presidential field in a presidential race. And if that happens, America will never be the same.”

Carlson then implored President Joe Biden to somehow step in to prevent Trump from being indicted:

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“You’ve got to hope that for the sake of the country, the Biden White House, which will be running against Trump, will put the country above partisanship and stop this. And that Merrick Garland at DOJ will issue a very public statement saying that this is wrong, which it is, and therefore preserve for our grandchildren our justice system.”

Watch the video below:

The exchange comes as NewsNation reported a Manhattan grand jury is expected to vote on a potential indictment of Trump on Wednesday. 

The former president has previously predicted he will be arrested in connection with the alleged hush money payment investigation.

And while there has been no indictment as of Wednesday morning, legal experts have raised doubts about what they believe Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s strategy is. 

One would hope the first-ever indictment of a former president would come in light of an airtight case and not based on a shaky legal theory.

But how exactly would Biden stop a district attorney from moving forward with prosecuting Trump?

And why would he want to? 

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Aside from the question of whether or not Biden could intervene to stop an indictment, there is the question of whether he should say anything. 

The justice system is supposed to be free from political interference. And if it means letting a frivolous indictment play out, that is the cost of trying to protect the system from becoming politicized and one where cases are decided based on who or what is politically popular or not.

If the case is frivolous, a jury should be able to see that and come to the proper verdict. At the very least, it should be tossed out on appeal.

However, asking presidents to step in and stop a prosecution is not the right move. It might sound good when it involves Trump. But what if Biden decided to step in to stop the prosecution of a Democrat in a traditionally conservative state? 

Inviting presidents to intervene in prosecutions is not a good precedent to set – at all.

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