This Tweet From Hillary Clinton Went Viral 5 Years Ago, And People Still Talk About It Each Time It Resurfaces


Hillary Clinton spent years clawing her way to the top of the political food chain only to be bested at the 11th hour by real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald J. Trump — and once again we get to bask in the glory of her prideful tweet that came before an epic fall.

Each year on Oct. 26, we get to remember the former secretary of state’s birthday with the tweet she shared that will haunt her forever.

“Happy birthday to this future president,” she wrote from her official account that day in 2016 (no word if it was on her illegal email server, however).

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The accompanying photo shows a cute but determined little girl who would grow up to marry Bill Clinton, a philandering lawyer whose coattails she would ride from the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion to the White House.

But by October 2016 she had found herself on the precipice of history, just one Election Day from taking the presidency in her own right — or so she thought.

Sure, Hillary had lost the chance before when Democrats threw her over for then-Sen. Barack Obama, who would go on to take the oath of office in 2009, but this time all of the signs were pointing to a win for the former first lady.

Pollsters pegged her as a shoo-in, giving her anywhere from a 70 percent to a 99 percent chance of winning, Pew Research reported, and she’d take office with the added distinction of becoming the first female president.

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But when election night rolled around and the results started pouring in, her excitement turned to anxiety then into despair: Trump went on to become the 45th president of the United States, and Clinton became a second-time loser in what was almost certainly her last chance at the office.

The collective meltdown from the left was glorious as election night turned into the morning after, but the ire and strife would all culminate triumphantly in the wailing of Jessica Starr as Trump was officially inaugurated months later, ITV reported.

Clinton would reluctantly concede the election and retreat to Chappaqua, New York, where lucky hikers would spot her wandering in the woods thereafter, according to The Washington Post.

She would go on to blame whoever and whatever she could think of — sexism, Russian interference in the election, you name it — but the fact was that America just couldn’t stand her.

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Besides being a radical leftist, an opportunistic hanger-on and possibly sick, Hillary Clinton was just terribly unlikeable.

That cute little girl whose picture she shared so hopefully in 2016 would grow up to be a shrill, haggard, swamp-dwelling failed Democratic presidential candidate.

Clinton would surely like to forget all about this tweet, but the internet is forever. So, we take this opportunity to graciously wish her a happy fifth anniversary of a social media post that almost makes us feel bad for her — almost.

Like the stuff of Greek tragedy, her hubris in that post epitomized the perfectly dramatic, epic fall from triumph to obscurity — and we’re more than happy to relive it all over again.

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