Two Brothers Have Gone Viral After Sharing Their Love for Rollerskating


Marcus Griffin and Michael Griffin, known as The Griffin Brothers, are spreading joy through their passion for rollerskating.

“As soon as you step on the floor like you ascend into another dimension. You’re not thinking about anything. No hard times in life you’re not thinking about none of that. It’s just you and your skates. It’s like you’re just floating on a cloud in your own world. That’s exactly what it feels like,” Marcus Griffin told “Good Morning America.”

The brothers’ love for rollerskating started when they were children due to the influence of their mother.

“So our mom was actually the original skater. She used to go when she was younger. Her mom used to drop her off at the rink and she would skate all night. So she did the exact same thing with us,” Marcus Griffin said.

During the pandemic, Marcus Griffin noticed that an old skating video featuring him and his brother started getting thousands of views, which led to them wanting to record again.

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“He kept telling me get my skates, get my skates, get my skates. And so my niece, his daughter, finally had a birthday party. And they had it at the skating rink and I had put rentals on and I’m like, ‘OK, let me just do this. So I got back to skating again. And it was so fun. I was like, Why did I stop skating? Why did I stop skating? And the love just came right back and then we finally made a video last year,” Michael Griffin said.

After deciding to post videos of their rollerskating skills online, Marcus Griffin and Michael Griffin have gained more than two million likes on TikTok and over 260,000 Instagram followers thus far. They want to use their rollerskating as a way to bring back nostalgia for others.

“We’re bringing back those old feelings that people had when they used to go skating, when they didn’t have to worry about the bills, the houses, everything. When they watch us, they get a certain joy in themselves, what they felt when they were younger, like when times were good, no pandemic, no mass shootings, no nothing. They don’t think about that,” Marcus Griffin said.

Marcus Griffin also said that they both “just want to bring joy and happiness to everybody who lays eyes on this.”

“One video has about 13 million views so I posted in our story, and then somebody messages saying, ‘Oh, my three-year-old has 3 million views by themselves.’ It’s just awesome. So two- and three-year-olds can watch us over and over. That’s how I know that’s real joy right there that we’re bringing into the world. That’s all we want to do,” he added.

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