Tyler Perry Speaks Out in Support of Law Enforcement: ‘We Need More Police’

Film industry mogul Tyler Perry is weighing in on the calls for police reform while showing his support for law enforcement.

During an interview on “Anderson Cooper 360” Wednesday evening, Perry condemned any initiative that would ultimately take funds from law enforcement agencies.

“You gotta understand this: I am not for taking money from the police department. I think we need more police,” Perry said.

The 50-year-old producer and actor expressed concern about the neighborhood where Tyler Perry Studios is located as he noted a need for more police near his facility. He also stressed the importance of training.

Perry said, “My studio is in a neighborhood where I think we need police. But we don’t need police that are under-trained.”

He later added, “I think we need the police. I know that I need the police. I have several that work for me here at the studio. We need them. But we need them reformed. We need them trained well, we need the right structure.”

Hear Perry’s remarks below:

He went on to note that while he understands some of the aspects regarding the push to defund police, he admitted that any sort of downsizing of law enforcement agencies is troubling to him.

“Some of the things inside of ‘defund the police,’ I really understand. Like having officers who are clinically trained to deal with certain situations,” Perry said. “I think all of those things are helpful, but taking money from the police department to make the police department smaller, that troubles me.”

The filmmaker also weighed in on the George Floyd protests. While Perry believes the initial protests were organized with the good intentions, he is convinced the demonstrations have been overshadowed by the agendas of alternative groups and political affiliations.

“I became very, very optimistic when everybody galvanized together, because I know that’s when change comes. When people galvanize and come together as one, that’s when change happens,” he explained.

Perry added, “But lately, I’ve been very, very concerned that the message is being hijacked by some other groups, or political ads and parties that are trying to stop the message of what we’re asking for here is police reform.”

The ongoing debates about police reform follow the death of Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. In various states, protesters are still fighting against police brutality and racial inequality.


  1. And the nice thing is, he is in a postion where even if the left try to cancel him it will not have an effect.

  2. A note for those that watch CNN and MSNBC who won’t publish this news: Herman Cain has passed away. I used to listen to him on radio and was pleased that he ran for President. Not because he is a black man, but because he made sense. Let’s see if the Lewis supporters will carry his casket across a bridge in celebration of what he did for them. He was a man of honesty and honor. Rest in peace Herman Cain. We’ll miss you.

  3. I’m aghast. Someone in Hollyweird gets it? Please tell me I’m not dreaming.

  4. It’s nice to see that someone’s sane. The criminals’ wish list called the ‘Breathe Act’ would result in a blood bath across America. If that’s what they want, let them go for it.

  5. He has been so successful for so long and deserved to me. He should be OK even if Hollywood does turn it’s collective backs in him. But they are becoming more and more irrelevant anyway.

  6. Is Perry committing career suicide? Time will tell.

    Let’s hope he and others will stand up for reason and free speech. Nothing cancels cancel culture like being ignored.

  7. More hilarious incidents as to why defunding the police is a stupid idea.

    Multiple agencies have refused to protect the DNC convention in WI.

    A sheriff’s office has refused to answer 911 calls to a library after it proclaimed support BLM’s goals, i.e. defunding the police. Suddenly the library director had 2nd thoughts.

    Word to the Leftists….be really careful what you wish for.

  8. That sound you just heard, was Tyler Perry’s career going up in smoke. They will push him out, now. He didn’t say what he was supposed to say, so he can’t be in their club anymore. I wonder which one will be the first to call him an Uncle Tom. Or a sellout. Or a traitor to his race. Or whatever other nonsense they come up with, to call blacks who “step out of line”.

    1. Let’s hope if enough celebs find the courage to speak out Perry will not stand alone.

      I agree with many of the contentions of JK Rowling, Ricky Gervais, etc. regarding free speech. Note that all these people have FU money, but it’s still hilarious when the Left realizes the consequences of its wish list.

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