Unresponsive Baby Saved by Arizona Police Officer and Retired Paramedic


Officer Shaquille Perez and a retired paramedic worked to revive an unresponsive baby in Mesa, Arizona.

Video from the police officer’s body cam was shared by AZ Family Arizona News Thursday displaying the frantic scene from a July incident. 

The baby’s mother approached the officer noting that he had stopped breathing. The officer immediately turned the baby over and began working to revive him. 

Perez told Fox News, “I heard screaming, so I walk over, and when I peep out this way from the other side where the train’s at, mom comes running up to me screaming for help.”

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While trying to revive the baby, a retired paramedic approached Perez and asked to help. 

Perez noted, “He took the baby from my arms, and we put him in the backseat of the squad car under some A/C, and baby was breathing.”

The baby then began to cry and was consoled by the retired paramedic, according to the video. 

Paramedics were called to the scene to evaluate the baby and police say the infant is now safe. 

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“It’s an amazing feeling to know I was able to intervene and help potentially save that baby’s life,”Perez said. 

The Children’s National Hospital noted that infant and childhood fainting can be caused by warm environments and dehydration. 

According to Healthline, babies are unable to regulate their body temperature as well as children and adults. During hot weather, the risk of heat rash, heat stroke, dehydration, and even SIDS increases. 

If a child becomes difficult to wake up or unresponsive, parents are instructed to seek medical attention like the mother of the baby in this situation did. 

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