US Trade Rep Fires Back After Lawmaker Accuses Her of Being 'Too Nice' for the Job


U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai shot back after a House Republican claimed she is “too nice” for her job. 

During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Friday, Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.) suggested Tai may not be the best fit for the job.

“I think you can sense the frustration at least over on this side of the dais because it just does not appear we are moving the needle on trade,” Murphy began.

He noted he does not know Tai personally. However, he said she is “very, very highly spoken of.”

Still, the congressman claimed, “I personally think you’re too nice a person to be in the job you’re in. Because I think you’re handicapped because of administrative folks that you have to report to etc. that are handicapping you in your job.”

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“Negotiators are usually very, very tough and sometimes mean people. They aren’t nice people like you are,” Murphy asserted.

He went on to claim top administration officials are “absolutely handcuffing the United States” because they are “worry more about green things” and other “distractions.”

Murphy added:

“We handcuff ourself, and we give China the ability to build, nine this past year, 27 more coal plants. And if you look at what we’re doing to the United States, all we’re doing is giving the open door for China. It’s just a fact.”

Watch the exchange below:

Finally, the congressman insisted, “I feel sorry for you. You’re stuck in the middle of that.”

Tai responded, “Congressman, I can assure you that I know to be nice to members of the Ways and Means Committee. I’ve never been faulted for being too nice.”

Murphy interjected, “You have too nice a smile.”

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Tai continued to take issue with the congressman’s assertion he feels sorry for her as she said, “I also don’t need you to feel sorry for me. So please don’t.”

Still, Murphy doubled down on his comment as he said, “I feel like you’ve been put in a tough spot.”

“OK, well, let me just take off the nice a little bit. I don’t need your pity. I stand up for the American people,” Tai shot back, adding, “And when I speak, people listen because I represent the interests of the United States.”

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