CNN’s Van Jones Suggests Every 2020 Democrat Is Only ‘Partially’ Able to Take on Trump

CNN analyst Van Jones is not so sure there is a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful that can fully take on President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

During a CNN segment on Tuesday, Jones said, “It just feels like everybody is partially able to take on Trump but not really.”

He continued to make a comparison to “The Avengers” against comic supervillain Thanos:

“It’s like you’ve got the Avengers against Thanos, right? If you had Thor’s this, and Hulk’s that. If you had [Amy Kloubhcar’s] this, if you had [Pete Buttigieg’s] that. But there is no one candidate yet that everybody feels can actually go up against Thanos and beat him.”

His comments came as there were 37% of the votes in.

Earlier, he praised Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as a “phenomenon.”

“He’s doing stuff we don’t talk about enough, he’s appealing to young people and people of color … He’s got an army of unbelievable donors. If anybody else had all that we’d be saying this guy is our guy,” Jones said, adding, “But for whatever reason, we continue to talk about everybody but Bernie Sanders.”

Watch the videos below:

Additionally, Jones suggested that Democratic voters are “depressed.” He added, “I think people are sad. I think people can’t figure out which of the people they’re supposed to vote for, and people are waiting to come out and vote against Trump.”

“This is a messy, confusing choice,” Jones continued. “People are sad and depressed, and people just want somebody to vote for against Trump.”

With 97% of the votes in early Wednesday, Sanders had a narrow victory ahead of former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.


  1. Van Jones. So parts of the Dim candidate platforms, especially the “free shit” will appeal to the Dim voters.

    How does this apply or appeal in the least to the “normals” who understand that THEY will be paying for this either now or in the long run?

    It’s appropriate that Jones took a comic-book analogy for the expectations of the Dims and their Socialist parasites.

  2. There’s no one in the Democratic field capable of defeating Trump. Buckle up he’s getting a second term! If dems continue down this road of resistance at all cause i think an amendment should be put forth which would allow Trump a third term.

        1. I ask first, you wait. I have yet to receive a full answer rather than avoidance and nonsense. My point is you are not ready for what is coming and you prove it every day here.

          Another question I have to start asking is what are all of you who are armed to the gills going to do if the Dear Leader wins a second term and more boldly goes after our institutions, laws / Constitution, or you, than they already have? He ALREADY believes and acts as if he is above the law and has ALREADY compromized the Attorney General / Justice Department AND his American Fascist Party. What more evidence do you need to see the dangers involved here?

          I know that we don’t have a lot of experience dealing with fascism in OUR OWN country, but this is all out in the open. Get a grip on yourself. This is DANGEROUS!

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