Video: George Santos Trolls Democrat After He Pulled Fire Alarm Before Critical Vote


Republican Rep. George Santos of New York quickly took to social media to make a public service announcement on how to not trigger a fire alarm.

The clear dig came after New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm Saturday as his party was trying to delay a stopgap measure as government funding was set to expire at midnight Saturday.

Santos posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, “PSA: especially to all the boys and girls who were students at Cornerstone Academy for Social Action because your principal may not have taught you.”

He attached a video of himself by a fire alarm and began, “Hi boys and girls” as he proceeded to explain how to set one off.

He concluded: “Don’t do it. Stay good kids.”

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Bowen is the founder and principal of the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action, a middle school in the Bronx borough of New York.

A representative for Bowman tried to explain the incident after it soon went viral.

Should Bowman be charged after his stunt?

“Congressman Bowman did not realize he would trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote,” the statement said.

“The Congressman regrets any confusion.”

CNN reported Bowman later spoke to reporters and said, “I was trying to get to a door. I thought the alarm would open the door, and I pulled the fire alarm to open the door by accident.”

The House Administration Chairman Bryan Steil stated an investigation into the incident is currently underway.

Santos wasn’t the only Republican to blast the Democrat for literally sounding the alarm:

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“I’m calling on the DOJ to prosecute him using the same law they used to prosecute J6 defendants for interfering with an official proceeding,” Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green wrote in a social media post.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy called the act “a new low.”

The stopgap measure ultimately ended up passing in the House, with the Senate agreeing to it hours before a potential shutdown, according to The Hill. President Joe Biden signed the measure late Saturday, according to ABC News.

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