Video: Protect Your Luggage if You're Traveling This Holiday Season - Baggage Handlers Slam Bags Onto Conveyer Belt


You better be careful how you pack for holiday travel this year.

The people responsible for handling your luggage at the airport may not be as gentle with it as you like to think.

That was certainly the case in a video that has gone viral on social media in recent weeks.

In the clip, two baggage handlers can be seen carelessly throwing luggage onto a conveyor belt.

The way they were tossing those suitcases around, if any valuables were inside, it’s more than likely they were damaged or destroyed.

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At one point in the video, one of the men even takes a bag, lifts it over his head, and slams it down onto the belt.

The other handler can be seen laughing as the two continue to throw the bags around.

Many Twitter users responded with disgust at the two men’s behavior.

Has your luggage ever come back damaged?

“It’s Disgusting how they are laughing and throwing people’s property, laptops, cameras, etc,” one commented.

“Bunch of idiots, giving baggage handlers a bad name!” another wrote.

As it turns out, the men in the video were baggage handlers at Melbourne Airport.

After the video went viral, both men faced steep consequences for their actions, according to the New York Post.

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The company responsible for handling bags on the ground at Melbourne Airport, Swissport, revealed on Thursday that both employees had been fired.

“An urgent investigation was undertaken into the recent behavior of two team members at Melbourne Airport who were handling customer luggage in an unacceptable manner. As a result of that investigation, these individuals are no longer employed by Swissport,” a spokesman said, according to the Post.

“In addition, we have conducted a briefing of all operations teams to remind them of the high standards we expect and enforce. The unacceptable behavior of a few individuals will not be allowed to tarnish the quality work of our whole team.”

“Our 3,000-strong team across the network works hard to ensure these standards are upheld, and it is important that when those standards are breached by a small group of individuals … we take action.”

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