'The View' Co-Host Claims DeSantis Is 'Erasing History' Black History by Blocking AP Class


Accusations of a whitewashing of history are swirling after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) blocked an African American studies course from being taught in the state.

During a segment on ABC’s “The View” Thursday, conservative co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “What Ron DeSantis did with banning AP Black history, that is going way further than what many members of my party have raised concerns with.”

She noted parents have voiced concern about “elements of critical race theory” being taught in schools.

Critical race theory argues racism is embedded in the country’s institutions.

Farah Griffin went on, “What [DeSantis is] doing is so absurd.”

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“You’re literally talking about erasing history. Not bringing in the theories and theoreticals and the more college-level stuff,” she claimed. “This is straight up saying, ‘We’re not going to learn about slavery. We’re not going to learn about the Civil War.'”

Watch the video below:

Do you think DeSantis is erasing history?

Farah Griffin was referring to DeSantis’ move to block an Advance Placement (AP) African American studies course in Florida schools.

The course initially included writers who are associated with critical race theory. And the Florida governor argued it violated the state’s Stop WOKE Act, which prohibits schools from teaching the theory to students.

Later, the College Board removed those writers from the curriculum.

Claiming DeSantis is “erasing” history by banning an African American studies course is not honest.

Florida schools have been teaching African American history for nearly 30 years. However, CNN notes, “Only 11 of the state’s 67 county school districts meet all of the benchmarks for teaching Black history set by the African American History Task Force.”

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Students should be taught about the evils of slavery and Jim Crow. They should be taught about Black Americans who fought to end slavery in the country. And students should learn about the multitude of contributions Black Americans have made to American society, from music and culture to advances in science, technology, and the medical field.

And, of course, they should be taught about the heroes who fought and died to defend liberties they could not enjoy while they were treated as second-class citizens.

If there is a deficiency in Florida schools, it should be corrected to ensure students learn their country’s entire history.

But blocking one AP course because it included content from some of the leading proponents of the notion the U.S. is inherently racist is not “erasing history.” There is a difference between teaching the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of history, and teaching students racism is deeply embedded in every aspect of American society.

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