'The View' Turns Heated As Sunny Hostin Lobs Accusation at Co-Host: She 'Likes to Make It Personal'


ABC’s “The View” got heated over a conversation about one of the 2024 presidential candidates.

On Wednesday, Sunny Hostin criticized former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) presidential campaign. She then took a shot at conservative co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin for allegedly not being able to defend former Vice President Mike Pence — who also announced a presidential bid.

“What scares me, Alyssa, is that you are incapable of defending a man that you worked for. That you know…” Hostin began.

However, Griffin interjected, “Oh, no, no, no why don’t you ask me a question?”

Joy Behar interjected, “I did ask you a question.”

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Hostin picked back up as she said, “[Behar] did. And you said that you needed to hear more from him. I don’t need to hear more from Pence.”

Watch the video below:

However, Griffin shot back, “Well, you just accused me of something, so why don’t you let me actually answer. You’re not going to vote for a Republican ever.”

Still, Hostin refused to yield as she said, “No. Nope, nope. I’m going to finish what I’m going to say.”

She proceeded to list some of her issues with Pence from his time as governor of Indiana to vice president.

Behar interjected, “Don’t make this personal.”

“Sunny likes to make it personal with me,” Griffin responded. She asked Hostin, “Are you going to give me a chance to answer?”

As Hostin continued to speak, Griffin added, “I mean, this is absurd… This is not what the show is about. This is Barbara Walter’s legacy. Let a woman speak.”

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Eventually, Whoopi Goldberg interjected, “I feel like we need to go to break right now… Because I can’t hear anybody saying anything… Maybe we just need to figure out how we do this again.”

Griffin quipped, “What a disgrace.”

After returning from the break, Hostin continued to criticize Pence and claimed people who worked for him cannot defend or support him.

However, Griffin touted the Trump administration’s push to speed up the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. She added, “Mike Pence played a critical role in that. Whether you want to dismiss it or not, I’m glad he was there.”

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