Vivek Ramaswamy Exposes Major Security Breach in Northern US Border


It is not just the southern border Americans should be worried about.

In a video posted by Vivek Ramaswamy on X, the Republican presidential candidate exposed the massive security flaws in the U.S.-Canada border where illegal immigrants can easily pass through without being stopped by border officials.

“This was *wild.* Right at the U.S. Northern Border port of entry, there are two signs. One says “Prepare to Stop.” The other one points to a “Hiking Trail,” Ramaswamy wrote on X.

“I followed the hiking trail sign which leads up into woods that completely sidesteps the ports of entry on the U.S. and Canadian sides.”

During the video, the 38-year-old entrepreneur explains how the “Hiking Trail” provides a simple method for bypassing the official U.S. Customs and Border Protection checkpoints and entering the U.S. illegally.

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“The local sheriffs tell me that people can simply cross over one of these vast swaths of land on the other side of the hiking trail, and then there’s an ankle-deep creek that gets them into the rest of New Hampshire.”

“It’s not at all surprising that many illegals who are turned away at the Southern Border are now shifting their attention to the Northern Border instead. More to come.”

Should the US beef up security at the northern border?

As well as the humanitarian crisis along the southern U.S.-Mexico border, the northern border is also experiencing record levels of migration as those who have been unable to enter through the southern border or have previously been deported try their luck through Canada.

Last month, Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia of the United States Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector said that his agents had apprehended some 6,100 persons in the last 11 months.

These interceptions, which took place across Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, are more than in the last decade combined.

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Ramaswamy, meanwhile, is among the various Republican candidates attempting to breathe life into their presidential campaigns as Donald Trump continues to hold a commanding lead in the race for the nomination.

According to The New York Times, Ramaswamy has proposed “securing the border by any means necessary, including military force” and intends to deport all undocumented immigrants and block any path to legal residence or citizenship.

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