Chris Wallace Confronts House Dem After He Claimed There Was ‘No Joy’ at Impeachment Signing

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Rep Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) was pressed by host Chris Wallace on whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) contradicted Democrats’ claim that they are not happy about the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Wallace noted that Pelosi was criticized by Democrats and Republicans after she distributed special pens following the signing of the articles of impeachment.

After he played a montage of pictures from the signing ceremony for the articles of impeachment, he noted, “As we can see from these pictures here, all of these participants look pretty happy.”

“Doesn’t that blow a hole in your narrative that the Democrats aren’t enjoying the impeachment and the effort to remove this President?” he asked.

Watch his comments below:

“I was at that ceremony, and there was no joy in that ceremony,” Jeffries began to respond.

Before he could finish his response, Wallace interjected, “We just saw the pictures, congressman.”

“There was no joy in that ceremony,” Jeffries reiterated before noting Democrats have worked with Trump to pass legislation, “We don’t dislike this president. We worked with this president on criminal justice reform.”

He continued:

“We don’t dislike Donald Trump. But we do love America. We do love democracy. We do love the Constitution. And in America, no one is above the law — not even the President of the United States.”

Jeffries’ comments come after Pelosi received criticism for handing out pens — with her signature emblazoned in gold on them — to House Democrats after she signed the articles of impeachment and sent them to the Senate, as IJR has previously reported.


  1. At least the Dems have Inspector Jacques Clouseau on the case! (39-40 sec)

  2. Every Democrat left that’s willing to donate two bits, gets a free “Impeachment Pen”! Get’em while they’re hot! Pelosi will only be around for a couple more months. After that, she retires back to her crypt!

  3. This impeachment is bias! If anyone is abusing their power it is the House Democrats & Pelosi, who seems to be intoxicated or at the least has a difficult time speaking!

  4. WHAT A JOKE! They think the American people are stupid……look in the mirror.

    1. I am confused.

      51% of Americans want the Dear Leader removed from office, including 59% of our women. CNN

      Are you saying that you don’t agree with the majority of Americans or our women?

  5. Hakeem needs to mount his camel and ride off into the sunset the lousy lying bastard.

    1. On what would you conclude that a resident of Brooklyn, NY has a camel?

      1. Along with your obvious lack of knowledge and biased opinions comes a lack of a sense of humor Comrade Phyllis.

  6. I now completely understand the saying “You’re so full of shit, even your eyes are turning brown”. What an absolute crock of shit! Do they just repeat this bullshit enough in the mirror that THEY start believing it themselves? SMFH. Unbelievable!

  7. If I hear one more Democrat say “No one is above the law”, I think I’ll knock his/her block off. Hypocritical POS’s!

    1. PLEASE share what hypocritical means in Trumpism.

      The D’s did get the memo that Trump is above the law, they just don’t accept it. 51% of Americans also do not accept it as they SUPPORT the removal of Trump from office. 65% of Americans in 1998 OPPOSED the impeachment of Bill Clinton. I was a registered R in 1998, but I do not recall the D’s ever having 65% of the electorate.

      1. You don’t get it because you are as full of hate as old Nancy. No one cares that you left the Republican Party. We’re thrilled.

  8. Jeffrie’s is just pissed ‘cuase he didn’t get one of the free pens Nancy was giving away as party favors….and I do mean party favors. Maybe Nancy should have had tee shirts made?

    1. When you turn your “Nancy Impeachment Pen” upside down, all of Nasty Nancy’s Botox and plastic surgery falls down as well as her top!!

  9. The President is not above the law, but he sure is hell not below it. The unfairness of the House process was shameful. The Dems violated their own Resolution (H.R. 660) by not allowing a minority day of hearings. Adam Schifty has still not released the basement deposition of ICIG Micheal Adkinson. Is it exculpatory evidence that contridicts Adam Schill contention that he never met the whistleblower? Why hasn’t the whistleblower been called to testify, everybody knows who he is? The whistleblower statute does not guarantee anonymity, why is everybody acting like it does? …………..Just Sayin’

    1. WHAT can the whisteblower testify to that would exonerate Trump? His/her complaint was declassified and released the same day as the July 25th phone call summary. WHAT is in the 9 page complaint that was not testified to by “the more than half a dozen” sources of the complaint? The Whistleblower states IN THE COMPLAINT that he was not an eyewitness. R’s were very negative on non-eyewitnesses appearing so wanting an admitted non-eyewitness appears contradictory. ICIG Michael Atkinson’s letter to acting director Maguire HAS been released. Devin Nunes is leading the R’s investigation of Michael Atkinson since it appears Atkinson has violated his oath of loyalty to Trump by declaring the complaint “urgent” and “credible.” Apparently the Nunes’ investigation is ongoing. …..Just Saying.

  10. Pelosi and her tribe trying not to smile and giggle over a serious situation is no surprise. But as with Casey at the Bat there will be no joy in Swampville when they strike out.

    1. When history studies the Trump administration, will Pelosi be the heroine or the villain? Will history buy into the special designation of Trump as being above the law? Trump has convinced his supporters that short term results are all that matters. History is not about short term.

  11. Wait a minute, didn’t piglousey try to silence them when they started to laugh and shout gleefully when the articles of impeachment were voted on and passed. Oh how fast they forget.

    1. You appear confused. You thought they handed out pens at the impeachment vote??

  12. Oh they sure do love the Constitution. They only helped Obummer try to overturn most of it.?

  13. WHOA!!!
    Chris Wallace was actually fair on the money??????
    I am amazed!
    BRAVO for acting like a REAL man!!!!!

  14. Oh no! Democrats don’t dislike President Trump, THEY HATE HIM! Who does this joker think he’s fooling?? Democrats have wanted nothing more than to impeach President Trump since the day he beat their goddess Hillary!! Democrats are so good at looking you right in the eye lying to you all the way!! I’m so sick of democrats and I’ll rejoice when they are voted out of office!!

  15. Now i get it!! Demoncrap voters are deaf dumb and blind!! That’s how they get elected besides the dead people and illegals. This guy will tell us no you didn’t see smiling and happiness just take my word for it.

  16. Anyone surprised that a D-RAT lies through his teeth?
    Not me—–if a D-RATs lips are moving—-they are lying.
    Pathetically untrustworthy!

  17. As far as I’m concerned, Pelosi and comrades can stick her “commemorative” pens ‘where the sun don’t shine’. The sun doesn’t shine from any of their orifices, because they are so full of dark hatred, not only for President Trump but for the American Constitution and the freedoms that it stands for.

  18. Just another carpet bagging, Lying Democrat telling you that you didn’t see the smiles and smirks of joy on their lips as they signed this very course piece of toilet paper with their commemorative pens.

  19. right, they don’t hate OUR president. that’s why they were saying they were going to impeach him from the time he took office. they didn’t even know what kind of president he was going to be. the video show how happy they are and this guy is saying the opposite. the old saying. are you going to believe your eyes or what i’m telling you. the demwites just don’t know how NOT to lie. own up to it and just say how happy you are.

  20. What I hate is that these creatures are entering my state in record numbers and voting the same way they voted in their former once nice but now sewer like states.They are like locust,

  21. In other words, we didn’t see what we just saw, and didn’t hear what we just heard!

  22. Lie lie lie they have been working to get rid of Trump since he was elected I don’t agree with Trump on everything but at least Trump has kept his word and the Democrats hate him for it they have done nothing to better this country they only want to destroy this country Obama words (Get use to this being the norm we are not a power )

    1. “they have been working to get rid of Trump since he was elected” Bonnie Keaver

      Your hypocrisy is confusing you – again – Bonnie.

      Even before her last election, Hillory Clinton was promised worse throughout her term of office.

  23. Chris Wallace finally sounding like he gets it. Just another lie from Jefferies. “We don’t dislike Donald Trump. But we do love America. We do love democracy. We do love the Constitution. And in America, no one is above the law — not even the President of the United States.” Every word is a lie. They don’t just dislike President Trump (not Donald Trump you disrespectful moron) they hate him. He has accomplished more in 3 years than they have in their entire careers leeching off of Americans.

  24. Just remember: when the Senate acquits Trump, he’ll be INNOCENT FOREVER!

  25. What did you expect? DemocRATs lie as a matter of course, even with the proof shows they’re lying right in front of them.

  26. The demoncrats all sound like broken records with their “no one is above the law” talking point. It sounds good, but, if true (and it should be), half of them would be in jail.

  27. Notice that he is another LYING MUSLIM! The Koran teaches that Allah allows lying and deceiving infidels to further their agenda. The first example was in the city of Medina (under siege by Muslims), where Mohammed told his emissaries to lie, telling them that they would free all the inhabitants if they surrendered. They agreed, and under the already planned deceit, the Muslims slaughter everyone. That’s how it’s done then and now; lie to the infidel, it reads, to get close enough to do Allahs bidding! So, as you see with this ‘Congressman, he continues to lie, even after seeing a video of himself and his cohorts ‘partying’ at the impeachment signing!

  28. I’m thinking the Dems have lied so long, using robotics talking points forever that they can’t even answer a question using their own brain power. Wind them up and they just chatter. Useless and feckless come to mind.

  29. It is amazing that they lie even when they know , America already knows the truth. How can anyone do that?

  30. And those pens cost tax payers $15,000 for Nutty Nancy to hold her celebratory signing ceremony. Surprised they didn’t have “IMPEACH 45” imprinted on them. But that would have been too obvious I guess. President Trump signed the US/Mexico trade agreement with a 2 dollar sharpie.

    1. 15,000 for the pens?? Really? Let’s talk about the cost of Donald’s weekly golf escapades that we pay for.

  31. Jefferies is a typical two bit Democrat. Brain dead from the start. Just a joke of a partisan act.

  32. Jeffries is a two bit clown. A typical brain dead Democrat.

  33. WHEN has a Democrat EVER told the Truth ,,, WHEN ??? Their Lie is an oath, Their Lie is a motto, Their Lie is required by the Party.

  34. Disgraceful rhetoric from Dems. Show your disgust for them in November!

  35. “No joy” “we don’t dislike”. Nothing but lies. And they don’t love this country, the constitution, Americans or America.

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