Warren Makes Her Defense After a Father Presses Her on Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) defended her plan to eliminate millions of dollars of student loan debt after a video surfaced of a father pressing her on whether people who saved money to pay for college would be “screwed.”

In an interview on “CBS This Morning,” Warren argued that you couldn’t discard policies because they don’t help everyone.

“Look, we build a future going forward by making it better. By that same logic, what would we have done? Not started Social Security because we didn’t start it last week for you or last month for you?”

Watch her comments below:

“Our kids have taken on a trillion and a half dollars in student loan debt. We have to back that up and say, ‘We’re doing better going forward.’ That we’re not going to say the next generation has to take on two trillion dollars of debt,” she added.

Her comments come after a video surfaced of a father — who said he saved up to pay for his daughter’s college education — asked if he would get his money back under her plan.

He suggested that those who “did the right thing” and saved money to pay for college rather than take out loans would be “screwed,” as IJR has previously reported.

Warren’s student loan forgiveness plan, which is estimated to cost $640 billion, would eliminate up to $50,000 in student loan debt for those who earn less than $100,000 a year.

Citing the “broad legal authority” granted to the Education Department, Warren said she would direct the agency to erase the debt on her first day as president.


  1. Her comparison is not equal. A person’s health is not diminished by someone else obtaining health at a lower cost. The same can not be said for a college degree. If you basically make college free from here on out then you make the degrees of everyone who has one worth exactly what the going rate for them is. In other words they become nearly worthless because anyone can get one with only a minor amount of comparative struggle. The result then is that everyone who has paid for or is paying for one they completed years back now have either paid for or are paying on something that is now hardly worth anything. This is not the same as as paying for medical issues going forward because the medical service has automatically provided a previously acquired personal value; that of hopefully good health. A person’s health is not diminished by someone else obtaining health at a lower cost. The same can not be said for a college degree. Erasing all student loans both for current and past college work is a start but how you compensate those who just finished paying off their loans or bill and maintain a fairness is not within Warren’s plan.

  2. I totally understand where the father is coming from, but when does it stop? We need that brilliant red neck kid from Appalachia to be able to attend college and reach his/her full potential for the sake of our country. Our system educates the spoiled brats with rich parents, leaving how many potential Einsteins with a high school education.

  3. Let’s talk about “free healthcare” next. I want the same level of care Lizzie and Bernie currently receive AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. Especially if I’m paying for it. No one believes for a minute they’ll be on Medicare *ahem* for all as they intend for the rest of us.

    These are the same charlatans and incompetents who passed Obozocare as “the” solution. Here’s a thought: buy coverage for those who need it and leave the rest of us and our healthcare alone.

  4. Lizzie, there is no defense for what you said. You basically told that father (and the rest of us) “You did the right thing. Now I’m going to take your money to pay for the irresponsible and stupid. Including illegals.”

  5. Is she ignorant to the fact that people paid into Social Security, but she’s advocating giving “free” tuition to people who’ve, for the most part, paid NOTHING. You do have to hand it to democrats. It’s illegal to buy votes, yet they’ve managed to create a system where they buy votes with their opponents tax dollars. That’s what promises of Welfare, free cell phones, free Internet, free birth control, free college tuition,… is. It’s vote buying.

    1. Are you ignorant of the fact that Trump is working to get rid of social security- that we all have and are paying for, to pay for his tax breaks to the rich? Are you ignorant of the fact that the United States has the most expensive healthcare (per capita) in the world while achieving only 23rd in results? Don’t you think we can do better than that? Are you ignorant of the fact that universal healthcare is an attempt to give Americans the healthcare they are already paying for but not getting?

  6. Where can I find a landscaper like the ones who work for these Democratic candidates?
    I need a few of those money trees planted on my property. I would look forward to raking in the fall.

    1. You do realize that historically republicans add to the national dept while democrats reduce it. We all need the money tree.

  7. forgiven the student loans will never happen. lizzy is crazy, this is her way to get votes. just like free medical care. with the student loans they should just come up with a more fair loan system. first stop compound interest. paying interest on interest is a set up for failure. if you pay just minimum payment you owe more than than original loan after 10 years. loan sharks have better interest rates. the people who are paying and the ones who have paid theirs off, should be aloud to use tax write offs from their loans. the full amount of the loan. i think this would be the fairest way for everyone.

  8. WHC,

    You should be proud that your kids are doing better than you. That’s part of the American dream. The ability to achieve and have aspirations.

    I wonder at the grasping, selfish Socialists who want everything handed to them. What spoiled, selfish, and ENTITLED brats. Real life does not give participation trophies. Work for it you whining losers!

    I wonder if they will find government jobs like their hero Bernie, who otherwise had a useless and dysfunctional life UNTIL 40. Oh wait. He’s still on the government dole and just as useless.

    This is the person they model and want to run their lives?

    1. Thanks, ST. Yes, the American Dream is for your children to do better than you, and in my case, I have no worries. I DO worry for others who get sucked up into the delusion that those who succeed must be penalized for the sake of those who can’t/won’t.

      Fauxcahontas will say or do anything to promote herself.

      Best to you!!!

  9. Warren is the last one that should be smirking at this Dad for doing the right thing, considering her well documented false claim, as a Native American to gain employment at an exclusive school such as Harvard. Without that, she wouldn’t be qualified to teach at a non acredited night school!

  10. What made me the angriest about Warren’s response to this Dad was her smirk as he confronted her. In the last few seconds of the exchange, she actually breaks out in laughter as he walks away!!

    It was as if she was saying to the Dad that he was a smuck for doing the right thing and should be laughed at for that!!!

    1. Not everyone can exploit a fake heritage like Lizzie to gain employment or advantage.

      Let’s also consider her lies about health coverage, her kids going to private schools, or her quitting because she was pregnant. (which begs the question why she didn’t exercise her pro-choice rights and murder that inconvenient child.)

  11. So why in 2020 do kids going to college get a ride free. This is not fair to those who paid for college by working jobs. That is what is wrong with today, kids do not want to work there way thru college they want the free ride.

    warren is a democrap…she lies.

    1. Minor correction. Warren is an “Everything will be FREE” Socialist under her Fascist dictatorship.

  12. As someone who put four kids through college WITHOUT any of them incurring crippling debt, I also made sure they studied fields which would ensure they could support themselves (engineering, accounting, public health/medical admin, neurophysiology). Not a “-studies” among them.

    Sure, Lizzie. I’m all for “charity” but reimburse me for MY expenses first if you are coming for my tax dollars. My kids and I vote too.

    1. A degree with “-studies” is a dead give away as to a worthless degree! Four kids through school? Great accomplishment, ST!

      I’m proud to have put two boys through with no debt!! One has a dual major in economics and math, the other a Georgetown PHD in linguistics that all graduate school was funded by Georgetown. He’s currently working overseas and is making more than I do for salary and I’m approaching my 30th anniversary in engineering management.

      I’ve only ever wanted an environment where my boys have an opportunity to do better than me! I’m afraid the time for an individual to excel and be rewarded for it, is over in this current political climate.

  13. “Not started Social Security because we didn’t start it last week for you or last month for you?”

    Actually, YES.

    Another social program, ready to fail, just like we’re ALWAYS hearing about Social Security being on the verge of… So, your defense is to make another program that is doomed to cost us too much money, rests on the backs of people who don’t get any value from it, and likely can be ripped off by people like you, Elizabeth, like your kind have done for decades with Social Security?

    You want to be a Socialist? Go ahead, there are many socialist countries that are already out there, screwed up and ready for you to come and ‘fix’ them…

    See, your statement creates the logic YOU want to use and disregards anyone else’s ‘logic’ through circular reasoning. Thankfully, you’ll never be elected, so your attempt to make up ‘logic’ for the rest of us to be burdened with, will not come to fruition.

  14. Why is it we have bankruptcy laws? Because we, as a nation, believe in second chances. Because folks take on debt in good faith and circumstances change over time. Everyday wage earners have to make a hard decision…just as businesses do…to file for bankruptcy. Except the law passed by Congress makes student debt exempt. Why?

  15. By virtue of comparing her student loan program to the initiation of the social security program, Warren has proven herself incapable of reasoned thought. The analogy of taking money from some to pay off the debt of others to a program that is self funded by the participants is just plain stupid. Putting a person who thinks like this in the White House would be a danger to the nation.

  16. Social Security was not Created for a Congressional Slush Fund, yet you Rob it wherever it suits YOU, then give Billions Away to ungrateful Countries “HOW DARE YOU IGNORE US AND OUR MONEY, NOT YOUR MONEY” !


  17. This father exposed one of the many injustices in socialism and redistribution of wealth. Irresponsible people get bailed out, responsible people pay for theirs, and others, and all the high paid government workers to run the program.

    In some cases, like this proposal, and the government student loan program in general their is a fourth cost we all share—much higher costs for colleges and universities. These costs have far outrun inflation, while costs for education and training in the private sector have dropped significantly.

  18. She was a ass to that man first if and I do mean if (which she won’t) becomes president she can not bypass congress and the senate to do a executive order to do a wealthy tax to pay for her lies that she is telling people understand this she can not pick a group of people to take money from it is illegal and will be held up in the courts for years in the mean time these people will take their money their companies and move to a different country she is a idiot and owes that man a apology

  19. She’s got the mindset that government has to take care of everybody. That’s not the purpose of government.

    Government is supposed to stop crime and foreign invasion. And the federal government has the additional responsibilities of coining money and regulating interstate commerce.

    Government has no business guaranteeing student loans or having anything to do with students, for that matter.

    People are supposed to take responsibility for themselves.

  20. Why do we not address the problem of rising school costs? The public schools keep raising the cost with full knowledge that the government will back the loans. Why not make the Colleges and Universities at least partially responsible for guaranteeing the loans. That would help reduce the issueing worthless degrees in womens studies or other pseudo science garbage. These people can not find a job in thier fields with a worthless degree and end up working at Starbucks. Starbuck wages put a very small dent in $40 k in studed loan debt. Guarentee only degrees in the STEM fields.

  21. This isn’t Student Loan Forgiveness at all – it’s Student Loan Transference – from those that incurred the debt to the American taxpayers. This is nothing more than telling a group of people “go shopping, spend what you will, and then I’ll make those people over there pay for it”.

    If you want to seriously change anything going forward, then address the colleges and the tuitions they charge.

    Enough of these Dems and their crazy give-aways.

  22. Silly little communist with a bad case of being untruthful .

  23. Hey Little Lizzy Fauxhantas, you are comparing horse apples to lemons.

  24. Considering the college graduates who can’t find jobs in their chosen field perhaps free vocational schools would be money better spent. Skilled labor is getting more difficult to find. Not everyone is college matter nor wants to be. Warren is looking like the least qualified to run anything. Well…. there is Bernie.

    1. Then perhaps they should consider different fields and not take the easiest one they can. This happens frequently and not to mention how many simply drop out and are left with loans to pay. I remember Obama constantly telling us everyone needs to go to college to make a career. And Cherl you are right about the skilled trades. I have been saying this for a long time but no one is listening. Ask all the dropouts what they are doing now with the loans they racked up and decided it was something they thought they might like to do then changed their minds. Saw a young lady on FB holding a sign about her loan debt and a degree in fine arts and can’t find a job. Guessing they don’t have a shortage in that field and they are not paying a decent salary. Apparently no one likes to get their hands dirty…oh well.

  25. I think Elizabeth Warren is hands down one of the dumbest and most dangerous cows the Democratic Party could offer up… She’s right in there with that extremely murderous, fat ankled cow, Hillary Clinton.

  26. Lyin’ Liz would have a better sell IF she promised to FIRST reimburse the college, vocational, and training expenses of all.

    She won’t. She can’t.

    1. She cannot “forgive” all student loan debt either. Empty promises to fool the gullible.

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