Warren Talks About Dem Primary Loss To Biden in New Book


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is sharing her thoughts about the 2020 presidential election and her loss to President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

Warren, who was once a front-runner in the 2020 race, writes in her upcoming book, “Persist,” about election night, “I couldn’t sleep. Change was coming — and I was making a plan,” Axios reported.

She adds that her signature plans are “now on the shelf for future campaigns and future policy makers. Plans that gave us a vital framework within which to dream big and fight hard. I lost, but I’m still smiling.”

The Democratic senator fell in third place among Democrats running in the latest presidential election, behind Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt).

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She writes in the book about “this pivotal moment in history.” Per Axios, which exclusively obtained excerpts, Warren writes:

“For Trump’s entire tenure, crisis piled on crisis piled on crisis. Now we have a once-in-a-generation chance to build something new, to shake off who we were and decide who we want to become.

As a candidate, Joe Biden may not have looked like a progressive firebrand, but he and Kamala Harris ran a campaign promising the most aggressive economic, social, and racial changes in U.S. history. They won by more than seven million votes, receiving more votes than any presidential ticket in the history of the republic — and they accomplished this feat while running against an incumbent president. Measure their victory however you like, but there’s no question that it was a mandate for change.”

Talking about dropping out of the race, Warren says, “I felt a little numb, not just because I’d lost but because for fourteen months almost every second of every day had been devoted to my campaign. … There was always something to do. Always. And then — click — it was over. The curtain came down and my world instantly became quieter.”

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