Watch Bizarre Moment Biden Says Parents Drive Their Kids to McDonald's to Use the Internet To Hear


President Joe Biden really doesn’t get how any of this works, does he?

According to the 78-year-old president, poor American families are schlepping their kids to McDonald’s parking lots so they can “hear” the internet better — and only a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill can help.

During his remarks Wednesday from the Port of Baltimore in Maryland, Biden not only revealed how little he understands technology but also reminded us of how he and his party ruined our children’s education.

“We’re going to make high-speed internet affordable and available to everywhere in America,” the president said.

“Those of you who have kids in school when we, we’ve been going to this hybrid thing — some in class, some out of class — how many times if you haven’t — if you don’t live in an area where you have high-speed internet you can afford, how many times have you driven your kids to the parking lot of McDonald’s and sat there going off the McDonald’s internet so you could hear?” he said, probably imagining parents adjusting rabbit-ear antennas on their internet contraption thingies.

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“No, I’m not joking. Think of this — the United States of America, for God’s sake,” he said, lamenting what’s decidedly a first-world problem (if it is a problem at all).

Biden dutifully set up the narrative that low-income individuals find connectivity hard to come by without the government, mirroring former President Barack Obama’s penchant for attempting to turn internet access into a public utility.

Obama arguably had a point back in 2016 when he proposed his ConnectALL Initiative, but it seems like a stretch now that a staggering 93 percent of American adults use the internet with 77 percent having access to a broadband connection at home, according to Pew Research.

Do you think investing in nationwide broadband internet access is necessary?

Add to it that 97 percent of adult Americans own a cell phone of some kind, and it seems advanced technology is literally within reach for all but a handful of people in this vast nation.

But even accepting Biden’s premise creates a dilemma for Democrats and their government-first approach to problem-solving.

The president’s bizarre ramblings about the struggles of online learning unintentionally remind us that this problem was perpetuated almost entirely by the Democratic Party’s need to kowtow to the teachers unions that demanded it.

Thanks to a failure of government, America’s kids just rolled into their third school year of dealing with virtual learning with the possibility of vaccine mandates keeping noncompliant kids away from their classrooms even longer.

Meanwhile, a fast-food chain is giving away the internet access required for children to continue their education while government schools continue to shirk their responsibility.

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Though the left has for years tried to vilify and topple the Golden Arches, this private company and many like it are willing and able to provide the vital service free of charge to anyone close enough to utilize it — a far more sensible solution than spending over a trillion dollars.

It’s clear from his remarks that Biden has no idea how online learning or internet connectivity work, even as he’s pushing to dump massive sums of taxpayer money into buying more of it.

Perhaps that’s a sign that Americans should rely on Ronald McDonald rather than the clown in the White House.

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