Watch: MSNBC's Joy Reid Delivers Ridiculous 40-Second Word Salad to Excuse Bidenflation's Impact on Midterms


It’s hard to imagine a political issue that rouses the public more than inflation.

But MSNBC on-air host Joy Reid doesn’t think so, claiming that concerns over inflation are actually a manufactured narrative.

Reid claimed as much in a Friday MSNBC segment.

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The progressive ideologue claimed that conservative media had “taught” Americans to concern themselves with inflation.

“That is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people talk,” Reid said of the use of the phrase itself.

The MSNBC host claimed that discussion about inflation had been previously limited to “journalists and economists.”

Conservatives were quick to reject Reid’s claim that talk about inflation had merely been invented as a partisan narrative.

You can ignore national security and leftist cultural insanity (if you’re lucky enough to live far away from it). One can even place their head in the sand and pretend the Biden administration hasn’t abandoned America’s borders to illegal immigration.

Inflation is a bit different. The average person notices when they find their weekly grocery bill has increased by 15 percent.

Polling consistently reveals that Americans view inflation as the political issue of greatest concern to them. And they blame the Biden administration for it.

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That’s not conservative media spinning up a narrative for partisan purposes. It’s Americans finding themselves unable to make rent, pay their bills and provide for their families.

In fact, it was a Democrat who most aptly framed the everyday cost of living as the one issue Americans cared the most about.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” Democratic strategist James Carville coined in 1992, a phrase that President Bill Clinton used to great effect against President George H.W. Bush in his campaign against the incumbent.

Perhaps Reid would do well to recognize that the economy is and will remain the perennial king of the American political appetite — especially when a President like Joe Biden has so badly mishandled and bungled it.

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