Watch: Pro-Ukraine Protesters Swarm Russian Ambassador's Car in Ireland


A crowd of pro-Ukrainian protesters swarmed a car entering the Russian Embassy to Ireland on Friday, with some alleging that the vehicle contained the ambassador.

Demonstrators chanted against letting the car into the facility, before the car’s windshield was covered with a Ukrainian flag.

After the driver of the vehicle accelerated, sounds of collisions and strikes against the car rang out.

Irish academic Dr. Cara Augustenborg filmed the chaotic scene on Friday morning.

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Police on hand did little to separate protestors from the car.

A sizable crowd of Ukraine supporters chanted “Putin is a liar” at the demonstration.

Members of the local Ukrainian community expressed their anger at Russia’s invasion of their home country in interviews at the scene of the protest.

Some protesters called for western governments to implement a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace, a move that would escalate tensions between NATO countries and Russia to levels unseen in decades.

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Russia has claimed that Ukraine’s aspirations toward NATO membership justify its aggressive actions.

The country’s leaders support integrating with the European Union as well as the western alliance, a development that Putin finds unacceptable for the former Soviet republic.

Was the warm welcome warranted?

A state symbol of Russia was vandalized with blood-red paint earlier this week at the country’s Irish Embassy.

Protests have emerged at embassies and consulates of Russia throughout Europe and the world, with international public opinion roundly against the country’s aggression toward Ukraine.

The west is slated to slap Russia with wide-ranging economic sanctions that could devastate the nation’s economy.

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