Watch: Safari Park Proposal Goes Wildly Wrong After a Giraffe Joins In, Leaves Woman in Neck Brace


Viral footage on social media showed a giraffe headbutting a woman after her boyfriend asked her to marry him.

A video that Montserrat Cox posted Wednesday on TikTok showed her and her boyfriend feeding giraffes at a safari park before he got down on his knee to propose to her.

Just as he pulled out the ring to slide it on her finger, one of the giraffes the two had been feeding nudged Cox’s elbow.

The animal then headbutted her, the video showed.

“Had to wear a neck brace for the next few days, but still the best proposal ever,” Cox wrote.

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@montserratcox Had to wear a neck brace for the next few days, but still the best proposal ever 💍 #engagement #fail #proposal #proposalfail #safari #giraffe ♬ Oh no, oh no, oh no, no no – Hip Hop

A follow-up video showed Cox’s neck swinging back before she regained her balance with the help of her to-be-husband, who then embraced her as they kissed.

As of Monday, the giraffe headbutt video had more than 374,000 likes and had been shared nearly 4,700 times. The video has gained about 3.6 million views.

“[G]iraffe was like: you can do the ring part, but [I] ’m doing the kissing part,” one user commented.

“She was like ‘GIRL LET ME SEE THE RING!!’ Bridesmaid perhaps,” another user wrote of the giraffe.

One comment read, “you may now kiss the (soon to be) bride- NO NOT YOU!!”

“I think the Giraffe wanted your man and was trying to take you out,” someone joked.

Another user wrote, “If I don’t get knocked out by a giraffe during a proposal I don’t want it.”

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Some suggested the giraffe’s gesture was a bad omen.

“I would have taken that as a sign to say no,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “I don’t know personally I would take that as a sign from above quite literally.”

“No friends; It’s not a sign of anything. We have been very happy together for 7 years,” Cox wrote in response to such comments.

“The giraffe was just being a giraffe,” she said.

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