Watch: Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Ice Cube, Discusses How Rapper Feels About Race and Police


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson sat down with rapper and actor Ice Cube on Wednesday’s episode of “Tucker on Twitter.”

The illuminating interview included a variety of topics ranging from race to police to having healthy debates.

Carlson asked the rapper about his current views on law enforcement.

Ice Cube stated, “It’s the same,” and compared it to one’s view of the military.

“Like they’re the military,” he continued. “They’re always going to be the military. If I asked you this in 1946, you’d be like, ‘They’re the military.'”

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In the past, he has been critical of police, and he was in a rap group, N.W.A., which had the song “F*** tha Police.”

He believes the police’s philosophy boils down to two things — “win and make it home at night.”

Ice Cube added, “And you can’t really fault somebody for thinking that way as a police officer.”

Do you agree that we should have conversations with people we disagree with?

“But that’s the philosophy. So everything else, comes second to that.”

He believes law enforcement “is an organization hell-bent on winning” and not “an organization hell-bent on upholding the law.”

Carlson also asked the 54-year-old if he believes “that we overplay the role of racial conflict in American life.”

“Yes,” he bluntly stated. “I think race — it takes up too much space.”

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He proceeded to explain how “we all have [people] in our lives who are our same race, that we can’t stand” and we have some “from different races that we get along with way better.”

“It’s not about race. It’s not about color and gender and this and that.”

He boiled it down to just one thing: “It’s about who do you connect with.”

The rapper was also asked why he wanted to speak with Carlson, as the former host noted he would probably receive some hate for it.

“Because I think it’s silly not to talk to people,” he noted. “I think whether we agree or not, that has nothing to do with it.”

“Let’s talk about it. Let’s debate.”

Ice Cube stated he is not welcomed on certain platforms as he is “not part of the herd” and an “independent thinker.”

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