Op-Ed: Fred Weinberg: Getting Rid of Liz Cheney Is the Start to Taking Back Our Government


By the time you read this, we’ll probably know if House Republicans have enough cojones to ignore the liberal press, the Adam Kinzingers of the world and the Democrats and deep-six Liz Cheney from the GOP leadership.

If they do not, we should elect all new and improved House Republicans.

If they do, it’s a start on taking back our government.

Liz Cheney would like you to believe she represents Wyoming. That’s pretty cheeky for the Adam Schiff of the right.

She grew up in Virginia and was a cheerleader for McLean High School. She is where she is because of her last name, which is just about the same thing as “openly gay” and “black” being actual qualifications to be mayor of Chicago.

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She’d like you to believe that she’s “saving” the GOP from the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

What a load of crap.

Donald Trump had nothing to do with Jan. 6 except in the eyes of people like Cheney and other assorted members of the Washington club — what Trump calls the “swamp.”

Was there a ton of vote fraud? Trump and others have said there was, though no court has ruled there was fraud on a widespread scale that affected the election results.

Was after the election the time to litigate this alleged malfeasance? No.

Is the Biden administration exhibit A in what Americans will be thinking about in 2022 and 2024? You bet.

Will all that corporate wokeness have a positive effect on another Trump run?


The fact is that Cheney thinks people like Trump — who are not professional politicians like her — are bad for business. Her business.

Report: Republicans Plan To Remove Liz Cheney From Leadership Within Weeks

I think that Trump was a breath of fresh air in a very musty basement. He actually remembered what politicians exist to do — to reflect the will of the people who vote them into office.

The reason that the swamp (read: Cheney and her acolytes) hates him is that he doesn’t care about staying in power as much as he cares about doing the right thing.

She and her ilk hate him, and the legacy media hates him even more.

The problem is that she’s taking a knife to a gunfight. If the voters didn’t appreciate Trump in 2020, give Joe Biden and his friends the rest of his term. Just wait until 2024.

The woke liberals can’t help themselves.

The rest of us will only take being called racists for so long.

Then, the pendulum will begin to swing back. How many All-Star Games will be moved in the interim? How many fat-butt corporate executives will tell us what we need to do to please them so they’ll grudgingly sell us Diet Woke in the interim?

I’m guessing enough to make 74,000,000 or more voters of all races and ethnicities really mad.

We’ll see you at the ballot box in November 2022 and 2024.

By that time, Ms. Cheney will be working on K Street as a lobbyist.

Probably not very successfully at that.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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