Wild Video: 1983 Subaru Flies Over Helicopter at 160 MPH in Jaw-Dropping Stunt in Florida


Evel Knievel would be proud.

Action sports driver Travis Pastrana performed a series of high-speed stunts in a video released Tuesday.

Pastrana drove an 862-horsepower 1983 Subaru GL Wagon in the “Gymkhana 2022” challenge, according to Car and Driver.

The vehicle — nicknamed “The Family Huckster” — had been heavily rebuilt in anticipation of a trick driving challenge that would test every ounce of its strength, according to Fox News.

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The stunt artist began the series of tricks with a base jump from an elevated hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

At one point, the stuntman drove over an elevated bridge — his heavily modified stunt car flying through the air as if it were a rocket — eventually landing back on the ground and continuing on with the stunt course.

Pastrana drove at a speed of more than 160 miles an hour for the first bridge jump.

Have you ever seen a stunt crazier than this?

The driver remarkably flew in a vehicular jump over a helicopter hovering in a large open gap between two bridge spans.

Pastrana’s trick car flew just meters above the helicopter, performing a stunt that would have roused the concerns of any safety expert.

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Pastrana appeared to be driving as fast as a military-style fighter jet (which was conveniently escorting him) just before jumping over the helicopter.

Pastrana kept going after jumping over the chopper.

He circled and drifted among a convoy of monster trucks, showing his finesse with the vehicle as well as its sheer power.

The stunt artist wasn’t done with the helicopter, which was labeled with the logo of Black Rifle Coffee Company, one of numerous sponsors — including Subaru — listed on the video and emblazoned on his jumpsuit.

The chopper eventually picked up Pastrana (without landing) when he had finished his spree of vehicular tricks.

Pastrana wasn’t beyond bragging about the stunt spree after completing the course.

“Gymkhana 2022 is the wildest film I have done on four wheels. Period,” the stuntman said of the event, according to Fox News.

The “Gymkhana” stunt videos are a trick-driving YouTube series originally pioneered by motorist Ken Block, according to Fox News.

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