Woman Builds Altar for 'Sacred Abortion Experience' Including Container for 'Fetal Remains'


One of the arguments conservatives have made for years against abortion is that it’s metaphorical killing of unborn children to appease the modern Moloch — the false Canaanite god strongly associated with child sacrifice in the Bible.

Sacrifice your unborn child, so you can have a career. Sacrifice your unborn child, so you can have sexual freedom. Sacrifice your unborn child to save the planet. There are plenty of metaphorical Molochs in this world, after all, and women are told plenty of them will suffice as a moral reason for an abortion — if they even feel the need to provide one.

However, at some level, this argument remained metaphorical, at least at an earthly level. Sure, the practice of aborting a child may be Molochian, but the modern, sterile death-mills of an abortion clinic hardly evoke the book of Leviticus.

That’s the whole point, of course; a pregnant woman who walked into the waiting room of a Planned Parenthood and found an altar to the abortive sacrifice, complete with candles and a container for the remains of a dead fetus, would turn right around and join the protesters outside. If there weren’t any, she’d be the first.

Therefore, I’m not entirely certain whether the folks at a group called “Self Guided Abortion” are conservatives in disguise.

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They certainly don’t appear to be. They have a website that popped up in 2021 — at least according to the earliest version of it available on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine — which says the group “supports you with accurate and detailed information on how to have an abortion at-home with pills.”

“Pregnancy happens. Abortion services shouldn’t be the most traumatic part of your abortion,” their homepage reads. Thus, whoever is behind the project believes you’ll be happier by aborting your baby at home via the drugs they discuss on their website.

And, just so it’s not traumatic, they have a six-minute video on YouTube in which a woman walks you through how to build an altar to your at-home abortion — including, yes, candles and a container for the aborted fetus.

While the initial YouTube video was posted in October of 2021, it’s been making the rounds on Twitter recently as the left shows its true colors on a procedure they once said should be “safe, legal and rare.”

“Building an altar for your abortion can be a really cathartic procedure, can really be a really cathartic process,” an unidentified woman said at the beginning of the video.

“Because it just creates a space for your sacred container, where you can return to whenever you want to meditate, whenever you want to think deeply or contemplate any aspect of your abortion.

“It’s a really beautiful way to just give reference to the experience and hold the experience in a really sacred way,” she added.

The altar itself — which appeared to be built on a sub-Ikea-quality side table repurposed as a Molochian sacrarium — is first prepared by “smudging” the area with “some palo santo or some sage” to “really just clean the space, clean myself.”

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Smudging, by the way, is a practice appropriated by witless hippies from the Native Americans in which smoke from certain plants is meant to cleanse or purify a location. In this case, a whole forest fire of sage couldn’t properly purify this corner of the Earth.

Next, one takes a “nice cloth that you have that is beautiful and means something to you — or a scarf or any other item — and just place it on top of the altar.”

Next comes “a photo or a symbol of something.” In this case — and this is why I cannot properly vouch to you this isn’t a conservative in disguise, engaged in Borat-esque pro-life performance art — the woman in the video said she “work[s] a lot with the Mary Guadalupe, or Mother Mary, energy.”

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Just so we’re clear here, she is, in fact, talking about Mary, the mother of Jesus — sometimes referred to as “Our Lady of Guadalupe” among Latino Catholics because of a series of five 16th-century Marian apparitions in Mexico.

If this is sincere, there’s no comment I can append to that hypocrisy that can make it any more self-evident and disgusting than it already is.

On that level, too, the hits just keep on coming: “I like to always have a candle going on my altar, so there’s always light within the darkness,” a woman said, who is dedicating an altar to darkness. There are crystals for energy and a tarot card that “symbolizes feminine fertility and feminine energy” because we’re apparently just checking off all of the new-age boxes at this point.

Then, “I also really like to add the abortion pills themselves to the altar — to really bless the pills that we’re going to be taking into our bodies during the process.” She recommended smudging them, too.

And then, the piece de resistance: “Place the container of which you plan to put the products of conception, or the fetal remains within, to catch that after you’ve passed it, and save it for later, when we find a … way to properly dispose of the fetal remains in a way that gives reverence and respect and support to this, to the sacred abortion experience.”

As the second highest comment on the YouTube video noted, “‘Demonic’ is the only word that springs to mind.”

Again, it’s difficult to ascertain if this is serious or not. It certainly seems to be, although some of the videos on the account — almost all posted between October and November of 2021 — have titles that read like grim parody. In addition to this one, we have videos like “Yoga for Abortion: Yoga for before clinic abortion or abortion with pills” and “What is a Sacred, Empowered Abortion?”

Except we know what is sacred — and what is sacred is, by nature, empowering. Leviticus 18:21: “You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God: I am the Lord.”

We have not seen fit to follow this exhortation, sacrificing our children to Moloch in ways that here verge on the literal. Thus, consider the judgment found in Romans 1:28: “And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.”

If that verse doesn’t provide a window into the kind of mind that would embrace the values embodied by this video, I don’t know what will.

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