Woman Shocked to Find Wall 'Bleeding' with No Apparent Damage to Pipes


A California woman who went the route of social media to complain about her walls appearing to be “bleeding” says she has finally come up with the answer.

“Can anyone help explain to me tell me why my wall is bleeding?” Lexy Chidester, 30, asked in an Aug. 9 video posted to her Instagram page. “The wall is definitely bleeding. This is definitely straight out of a horror movie?”

She also released the video on TikTok with the caption “dude …… wtf … my walls are bleeding ……”

Chidester, who sells Halloween novelties on Amazon, told NeedtoKnowOnline more about the problem.

“At first, I didn’t think much of it, but when it came back and doubled in size the next day, realizing it wasn’t a spill of something, I laughably thought that’s not normal!” she said.

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She checked for mold, crawled into the attic, checked pipes for a leak, and came up empty, she said.

She said that at one point she pulled the medicine cabinet out of the wall to look behind it.

“After talking with my family, and ruling out everything it couldn’t be using deductive reasoning, the only place really unexplored more closely was the cabinet itself. It was the only thing that made sense,” she said.

“There weren’t pipes in that wall, the wood wasn’t ‘bleeding’ that same liquid, there was no trace of it in the wood frame, the attic was dry, the cabinet was the only place that made sense,” she said.

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Initially, nothing seemed obvious when she looked at the cabinet.

“So we decided to put the cabinet back in the wall, mystery unsolved,” she said in a video on NeedtoKnowOnline.

As she was doing this, she said, she noticed pieces of metal she had not seen before.

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When she and her brother looked closer, they saw the source – oozing red from inside a place where metal pieces joined.

“So it’s rust mixed with condensation seeping out of old metal,” she said in a follow-up video posted to Instagram.

“It was explained to be that when condensation mixed with years of rust and no ventilation –my bathroom doesn’t have a fan – can cause rust in cold metal to liquefy; something I did not know before all this!” she told NeedtoKnowOnline.

In an Aug. 20 post, once the problem was solved, she took to Instagram to note how many people followed her in the weeks between diagnosis and cure.

“The house demons are pleased!” she wrote,

“I don’t even have the words! I can’t believe it! Thank you so so so much to everyone who followed me through the bleeding wall journey! I appreciate each and every one of you being here. Even though we found the source of ‘blood.’ I hope you all stick around and go on new adventures with me!” she wrote.

“Thank you again!! This has been a WILD week!! Me and the house demons are grateful for you!” she wrote.

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