Andrew Yang Says He Is Considering a Run for New York City Mayor

CNN political commentator Andrew Yang may not be finished with the spotlight, as he is mulling the idea of a run for New York City mayor.

Asked by Buzzfeed if he would consider a run for the mayor position, Yang told the outlet, “You know, we’re looking at it.”

He added:

“One of the things I’m most curious about is who are the other candidates in the race, and what the race would look like. Because I tend to want to do something where I feel like I’m gonna have a big impact and add a lot of value, so if there’s someone who’s already running who would have a positive agenda that’s very aligned with mine — I’m not someone who is just driven by maximum political advantage. I wanna see how much value I can add.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be stepping down from the position due to term limits.

Additionally, Yang told Buzzfeed that former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign has “reached out” to him, but “at this point, I consider Joe a friend.”

Yang took to Twitter late Tuesday to express support for his former political rivals, as he suggested Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “deserves to be doing better than this.” He later tweeted that Biden had “a tremendous night.”

On Bloomberg’s campaign — who spent a whopping sum of cash in the Super Tuesday states, skipped the first four primary states and is low in the Super Tuesday polls — Yang said on CNN, “I think he found out that the money is like pushing on a string after a while where you spend more money and it doesn’t really have an impact.”

Bloomberg has since dropped his presidential bid, making the announcement on Wednesday, as IJR reported.

As for his own presidential campaign that he suspended mid-February, Yang noted on Twitter, “Over 56,000 people voted for this campaign yesterday.” After dropping his bid, Yang landed a job as a CNN political commentator.


  1. Yang is a user-friendly candidate, not an extreme-Leftist, and original in many of his policies.

    He’d be an interesting alternative after the failed DiBlahsio, though I’m not sure if his political or admin skills are up to the job.

      1. I would too IF I was paid $1,000 a month like he promised as a Presidential contender. Otherwise he’s just another D’rat loser.

        Ian’t there at least ONE intelligent Republican in NYC who could run that place?

          1. James,

            “reloading” allows latitude in building loads and making “improvised” devices. Just saying. Pity the thugs who try raiding my property.

            bonus: I was able to buy copies of Hillary’s and the other ex-WH employee’s books for less than the price of dirt (topsoil). They were almost by the pound. They make excellent ammo stops (safety first) and test beds for handloads (how many copies/pages does this load penetrate?)

          2. Also do not dismiss the effectiveness of incendiaries. They can be vastly distracting on invaders, armor or not. (body armor, including Kevlar, is really flammable and porous, not to mention that it only covers the torso. If your balls are on fire you will NOT be shooting effectively).

            If nothing else, a knowledge of chemistry is really useful. q.v. the series Breaking Bad.

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