Young Dolphin Trapped in Anchor Line Saved by Fisherman With the Help of the Animal's Mother


A pair of Spanish fishermen were able to rescue a baby dolphin trapped in an anchor line with the help of its mother. 

The Good News Network shared a video of the incident. 

In the footage one of the fishermen, Jose Ramón Pérez, noticed something was wrong and told the other, “See? Something is happening with that animal.”

“This one isn’t leaving this spot,” he added

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Then he noted, “That one that’s pointing its mouth in the air, something happened to it. Either it’s dead, or it doesn’t have long left.”

The other fisherman, Miguel Rodríguez, suggested the mother was giving birth, but as they moved their boat closer the situation became as clear as the water. 

Pérez noted, “No, it’s tied up dude!”

Once close enough to see exactly what happened he stated, “Look at its tail.”

Have you ever helped an animal in need?

“See? That’s why the other one won’t leave, dude,” he went on.

The mother dolphin continued lifting the baby to the surface to breathe. The fisherman got as close as possible. Pérez got ahold of the line and was able to pull the baby toward the boat so he could cut the dolphin’s tail free. 

He joked, “There are still good people in the world, my friends.”

“We’re out here saving a dolphin!” he said.

The baby was saved. Once free, it swam off with its mother. The fisherman called out, “You’re welcome, my friends.”

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Cut anchor lines are becoming a growing concern for marine life. Despite incidents like this, Science Direct reported “there are significant knowledge gaps” regarding the anchoring of large ships. 

Most of the information gathered and safety practices instilled have focused on leisure crafts instead of larger vessels. 

As the Good News Network reported, tragedy can be avoided.

Pérez later told the outlet, “As much as I try I can’t express how it felt to be there. I will remember this for my whole life. It was a truly magical moment.”

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