18 Years Ago a Physician Called Into C-SPAN To Tell Dr. Fauci To Resign – Here's the Video


In a culture where we all must “listen to the experts,” Dr. Anthony Fauci is treated like a king.

In reality, the public health expert is more of a court jester.

Over and over again, Fauci has backtracked and flip-flopped on almost every major position regarding COVID-19, including the efficacy of masking, social distancing guidelines and the origins of the disease.

As it turns out, concerns over Fauci’s ability to do his job existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recently unearthed C-SPAN interview from 18 years ago shows one physician demanding that Fauci resign.

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Appearing on the C-SPAN series “Washington Journal,” the interview featured Fauci sharing research on the source of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, as well as the efforts to combat it. The show then opted to allow viewers to phone in questions, which led to one caller — the aforementioned physician — absolutely blasting Fauci’s record.

Introduced as a physician from Durham, North Carolina, the caller didn’t beat around the bush whatsoever, immediately going after Fauci’s record as soon as she was able to speak.

“You’ve been at the [National Institutes of Health] a pretty long time and it seems to me that during your tenor, our ability to control infectious diseases hasn’t improved but, in fact, worsened and even basic health tips such as, ‘You can’t use antibiotics to treat viral infections,’ has not been adequately communicated to the public,” the caller said.

“Because, for instance, people will come in demanding an antibiotic for a common cold, or any other viral infection, which has certainly served to create more resistant strains.”

“Not saying that this has anything to do with this particular SARS epidemic, but don’t you think it’s time that you stepped down and let someone else who has a more effective message?”

What followed from Fauci was a nervous fit of laughter.

“Actually, no,” Fauci said, continuing to laugh before shifting the subject away from his record.

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Calls for Fauci’s resignation have grown in recent days following the release of Fauci’s personal emails, which were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by several news outlets.

The emails appear to show Fauci admitting masks are not particularly effective at fending off COVID, which runs directly counter to what he’s told the public.

The emails also seem to show that Fauci and others may have had reason to believe the novel coronavirus originated in the partially U.S.-funded Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Nothing Fauci says can be trusted.

Nevertheless, the left holds up his words as almost inerrant, to be followed no matter the cost.

If he has any sense left, Fauci should heed the Durham physician’s 18-year-old advice and resign immediately.

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