Stacey Abrams Explains Why She Has Been Vocal About Her Desire to Be Biden’s Running Mate

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) has not been shy about saying that she thinks she would be an “excellent” running make for former Vice President Joe Biden (D). 

During an interview on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday, Abrams explained why she has been open about her desire to be Biden’s running mate, “I try to be straightforward because while we hope the work speaks for itself, sometimes the work needs a hypeman.”

“And I learned early on that if I didn’t speak for myself, I couldn’t tell the story,” Abrams added.

She continued, “I think I would be very effective at helping us restore the dignity and the soul of not only America but helping those who have been left behind for so long finally see themselves as part of the solution.”

See Abrams’ comments below:

Abrams also stressed her desire to see Biden pick a woman of color as his running mate, “I think Vice President Biden is going to make a smart choice. And I appreciate the fact that he has lifted up women as being a necessary partner in this.”

She continued, “I would share your concern about not picking a woman of color. Because women of color — particularly black women — are the strongest part of the Democratic Party.”

Finally, Abrams said, “We need a ticket that reflects the diversity of America.”

Watch the video below:

Abrams has previously said she would make an “excellent running mate” for Biden and added that she would be “honored” to be offered a spot on the ticket, as IJR previously reported.

Biden has committed to pick a female running mate and has begun the search.

Some of the other individuals who have been floated as potential vice presidential nominees include Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

And, Biden has said that he would even consider former First Lady Michelle Obama for the post if she said she was willing, as IJR previously reported — though former Obama White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said there is “no chance” that is happening.


  1. janice-“I support a woman of color”. Just HOW RACIST and SEXIST ARE YOU?

  2. janice-“she will be a wonderful addition whomever Biden picks” Just WHAT ADDITION are you talking about?

  3. philly-“The women of color in the Democrat party voted for BIDEN,” Just WHAT VOTES are you talking about?

  4. *Janice*
    What a ridiculous comment. What President has experience as President until he/she is a President? And actually being president is like running a business. President Trump was doing quite well even for the Democrats until that virus “walked” out of the lab in China ( wink wink)
    And, dear, it’s “whoever “. Whomever is used after a preposition if you know what that is.

  5. Bahahahahah,,,, She is a Pathetic Whiny POS,, maybe dog catcher would be a suitable job for her !!

  6. The current resident of the WH had zero experience to be president. I support a woman of color and she will be a wonderful addition whomever Biden picks.

  7. What are her qualifications to be president other than being a woman of color? She touts none of those for herself. Perhaps there aren’t any?!?

  8. So Biden has already said that he wants to have a woman as VP. Shouldn’t the choice be based on qualifications and not gender? Although Biden does seem to enjoy the company of women doesn’t he? Or was he told that will give him a leg up on breaking through that glass ceiling? Oh please…..

  9. Who cares who the demented old creep picks? He’s too far out in the Universe to know what’s happening outside his basement hideout.

  10. The women of color in the Democrat party voted for BIDEN, not Kamala or Corey. Biden gets to pick his running mate. HE has committed to it being a woman. WHY speculate on who he chooses? WAIT for the announcement of HIS decision.

  11. “Abrams also stressed her desire to see Biden pick a woman of color as his running mate”. TRUE RACISM and SEXISM in it’s finest form.

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