National Security Advisor Calls Trump’s Travel Restrictions on China a ‘Profile in Courage’

In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has been highly critical of the Chinese government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. 

But in the early days of the outbreak, Trump praised China’s handling of the virus. Now the Chinese government appears to be moving to strip away Hong Kongs autonomy. 

On Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd asked National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien if he thought Trump’s comments about China, in the early days of the outbreak, emboldened the country’s leadership. 

“I don’t think so,” O’Brien said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday. 

He continued:

“I think the thing we have to focus on with the virus, and what the president did, is for the first time in the Oval Office briefing, on the 28th of January, when I raised with the president that this was a significant national security threat, he immediately — against the advice of many of his other advisers — he immediately imposed a travel ban on China on the 30th, two days later.”

“It was a profile in courage, and it was something that he was criticized for by his political opponents, and by many in the media. That saved countless lives. I think that’s the thing that we have to focus on with China,” O’Brien added.

Watch the video below:

Additionally, O’Brien said that Trump’s shift in tone regarding China came after the government was not transparent and cooperative with medical professionals about the virus.

“We were hoping that China would allow CDC doctors into China,” he said. “We were hoping that China would give us more information on the virus, and give us some of the genetic information we needed. Unfortunately, China did none of that. And so we’re in a very different place with China right now, and the president’s made that clear. The Chinese didn’t do what they said.”


  1. Oh, Chuck Todd trying to make a case against Trump, again. Such a sore loser.

  2. Trump haters are long past Reason, they KNOW their right and he sucks period, so no matter what logic s used, they just cant help hating him , is visceral. I dont know what he did to them personally except win the Electoral College which was what was required, the fact that Hitlery won the real vote drives them to distraction. Yes hes a narcissist, a big mouth,maybe he lies but they ALL do, so whats the shock. He’s a New Yorker, I’m ex New Jerseyan, many of them DO beleive they have the answers to everything SOOOOO!? Hopefully he’ll beat Alzheimer Joe and we can watch them cry hysterically and go batshit crazy for 4 more years

  3. Not enough, deport all Chinese in the US on any type of green card…

  4. “It was a profile in courage”

    Profile in courage, my ass. The Derferment-In-Chief doesn’t have a courageous streak of ANY kind, let alone a backbone.

    This is just the typical type of comment that one can expect from a toadie referring to a fascistic Dear Leader. That’s all this was, and expect many more of these before November.

    When will Dear Leader have ANOTHER nausiating roundtable of all of his sycophants praising Dear Leader next? It has been a while, so one is certainly overdue.

    1. You mean while the moron Democrats were telling everyone to go out to dinner because there was no danger??

      Or the ones that called it racist and in the same breath cried “YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING?”

      Meanwhile Democratic politicians in NJ and NY were killing off more than the gangs and drug dealers …

      1. SOME Democrats recommended acting as normal early on, but they quickly changed course, to rectify that error.

        Your Dear Leader, on the other hand, continued spreading HIS royal MISinformation at least 6 weeks too long, ending up killing 54,000 MORE of us than he could have tried to protect!

        See the difference yet between competence and INcompetence?

        1. Nope, don’t see the difference. The dems changed course AFTER Trump initiated the ban while saying he didn’t act soon enough, like a bunch of hypocrites. The fascists dems are still trying to implement an unconstitutional lock down and suppress freedom of religion.

          1. BS!

            The governors changed course because what they were doing / not doing was not containing the contagion. It had nothing to do with any advice coming from a negligent Dear Leader.

    2. Hey Scott,

      I know you’re passionate about all things Trump. You do seem to work very hard to expose who you believe to be a danger to our nation. In actuality, you’re regurgitating talking points from your own masters. You’ve been duped. You’ve been lied to, and your character is obviously such that you choose to remain willfully ignorant. Your triggers are many. Your comments are glaringly indicative of one who can string together sentences that show a trace of intellect but lack depth or reason. In your mind you offer insight of Orange Man bad, yet only give insight into your disdain for virtue and goodness. We know you. We know your heart. You show it every time you puke up the same old pathetic drivel.

      1. Ha ha ha ha! You know nor understand NOTHING about me.

        If Janie can’t see the dangers coming from this administration and from having elected a Dear Leader, then Janie is part of that big problem. Don’t be like Janie.


  5. Too bad he left the back door wide open to infected travellers from Europe…possibly the greatest source of virus on American soil, compoundrd by the incompetent handling by this admin.

    1. Focusing on China is an official, top-down narrative set by the White House as a distraction away from Dear Leader’s deadly incompetence.

      1. And bottom-up way to kiss Trump’s *ss by all the king’s men who will not be able to put the GOP back together again.

        1. Corruption politicians have the instincts for survival, though. You will see that trend escalate as it becomes more and more obvious that the king is dead.

          Just because the king will be gone doesn’t mean that we can let our guard down. It will only be the beginning of a new stage of recovery.

          The racists, white nationalists, and xenophobes won’t disappear. The warmongers will continue wasting our young. The corruption will continue, until we elect better politicians.


      2. Off course considering that’s where it was coming from. While the WHO was claiming it wasn’t a big threat he was acting while the Democrats were backing their comical impeachment. While he spoke about it at the State of the Union, Pelosi was ripping us the speech and touring Chinatown.

        Democrats efficiency during this??

        In New York, Overflow Hospitals At Javits And On Navy Ship Have Been Largely Empty
        April 6, 202012:53 PM ET

        A look inside the Javits Center’s new coronavirus hospital…
        The emergency hospital is one of four that President Trump has instructed FEMA to build and run in the New York City area.

        Cuomo said Friday he’d be asking Trump to authorize four more, so there’s one in each of the five boroughs, as well as Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

        Yet NY put patients infected into nursing homes.

        1. “While the WHO was claiming it wasn’t a big threat he was acting” Robert

          Acting? ACTING? BS!

          King Donald The Loser fought remediation efforts until mid March when it finally seemed to sink in through his thick skull that, oh, maybe he had better do something for a change.

          Acting my ass. He DITHERED far too long which ended up killing tens of thousands of us UNnecessarily and INcompetently. If you don’t or can’t acknowledge that fact, Robert, then YOU are part of the problem.

          We MUST elect better politicians.


          1. Scotty and Michael are Democrat buffoons. Like Biden, they first say Trump was too easy on China, then accuse Trump of being racist and Xenophobic because he closed travel with China. They complain that Trump closed travel with Europe, then complain that he didn’t do it fast enough because he was too easy on China. Now, Scotty says that focusing on China is a cover up (distraction from incompetence), ignoring the fact that this is the second SARS virus that originated in Wuhan, in the bio lab. This virus has been a windfall for China as they have their industry up and running. Looks more and more like they had the cure before the virus was released. But, Scotty doesn’t think we should be looking at China. “It’s a distraction”.

            In another post, Scotty said that people spread the Bubonic Plague because they went to churches, an ideal place for it to spread. He is unaware that the plague was spread by fleas on rats, not people to people contact. This is the ignorance of Democrats that say anything to attack the President, no matter how stupid. Of course when Scotty lies, someone like Michael swears to it.

        2. The only place Trump should be is in a grave not playing golf unless the grave is on the 18th green.

          1. Oh TOM, I was wondering where you and your death threats were lately. #FBI #DomesticTerrorist

      3. Duh, China is the epicenter of the virus! Hypocritical when all the dems did was focus on Russia, hoax narrative set by the DNC, as a distraction away from Obama’s corruption.

      1. The President did that too. Wait, I think Scotty and his fellow dolts will be complaining about that too, soon.

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