Alyssa Farah Griffin Fires Back at 'The View' Co-Host for Interrupting Her During 'Toxic Femininity' Discussion


“The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin grew angry with one of her other co-hosts while discussing “toxic femininity” during an episode of the show.

She explained on Monday, “I think it is real though. We’ve come a long way in kind of critiquing some of the male practices that are not helpful and that needed to be called out. And I think that women have made a ton of progress, but we can also be each other’s worst enemies. It’s still the case, and I hate to say it.”

Griffin added, “Some of the worst bosses I’ve had have been women, and sometimes colleagues in the workplace who are women. And I always think of the Madeleine Albright quote…”

Ana Navarro replied, “That’s what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway.”

Griffin fired back, “I mean, well, I really can’t get a word in without you attacking me so I wouldn’t say this is a totally different — this isn’t like a totally different environment of women supporting each other.”

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She continued, “But Madeleine Albright always said ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help and support other women.’ That’s something I try to live by. I think that we have a duty to kind of give that back especially for the women who come after us.”

Watch the moment below:

Albright made the remark many times over the course of her career, but in 2016 during a rally with female voters and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the comment went viral.

Do you think "The View" is an environment of women supporting each other?

She later apologized for the remark in an op-ed published by The New York Times titled, “My Undiplomatic Moment.”

Albright explained, “I absolutely believe what I said, that women should help one another, but this was the wrong context and the wrong time to use that line. I did not mean to argue that women should support a particular candidate based solely on gender.”

She continued, “But I understand that I came across as condemning those who disagree with my political preferences. If heaven were open only to those who agreed on politics, I imagine it would be largely unoccupied.”

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