Amy Klobuchar Argues ‘We Are Not Safe in Donald Trump’s America’

President Donald Trump is receiving harsh criticism from Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) for his leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic and racial unrest.

ABC’s Jon Karl mentioned the encounter Trump supporters had with protesters as they left the White House after the Republican National Convention.

He pivoted to Trump’s comments he made about the incident at a rally in New Hampshire on Friday.

Trump detailed the experience of his supporters as they were confronted with “a bunch of thugs” and stressed they did not encounter “friendly protesters.”

Karl asked Klobuchar for her reaction.

“I have long condemned looting, violence, threats. That’s not peaceful protest, and I don’t care who’s engaging in it, you condemn it,” Klobuchar said.

Check out her remarks below:

She stressed violence is not happening in one place; it is happening all across the nation and under the president’s watch.

Klobuchar went on to note the shootings of George Floyd and those of Jacob Blake and other protesters in Kenosha.

“And then we have a president that literally stands on the people’s lawn, in violation of the Hatch Act, stands on the lawn with a bunch of pageantry and a bunch of fancy clothes with arias playing from the balcony and says, ‘Oh do you want to be more safe?'” Klobuchar said.

She added, “We are not safe in Donald Trump’s America.”

Klobuchar attributed the increase in the number of hate crimes and coronavirus related deaths to Trump’s leadership.

Karl went on to question Klobuchar about what a Biden, Harris administration would like in response to these issues.

She said the first thing is to make it known Democrats condemn looting and violence.

The second being putting forth solutions to bring Americans together.

The final thing, according to Klobuchar, is police reform.

“I see it as something we can do together, but not with him as president, not with the kind of rhetoric we hear from him,” she said.


  1. Scotty the imp aka termite- do you have any clue how you set yourself up with your BS comments? Thanks for entertaining us.

  2. Scotty the Imp- when you use info that is over a year old to suit your narrative that STF is lying or being wrong. Hey I don’t know if you saw in another thread you now have another nickname “the termite”

  3. Being not up to date is not the same thing as being wrong or lying. Liar. You looked up and cited old info here, too. You look at any thing or any one who opposes your Dear Leader as bullshit anyway, so what else is new? Huh?

  4. Scotty the Imp hates when he is proven wrong. So it looks like we just have to look at all His comments as BS. Nothing more to expect from the fool.

  5. We are literally living in Trump’s America. We don’t need to imagine. Part of his job is two calm country tensions – something near every president has had to do in some way.

    He just doesn’t have it in him. He wants to flex federal troops muscles and consider everything good if people stay in their homes.

  6. Yes, Lying Paul The Emeffer, it is a struggle keeping up with all of incompetence and bullshit coming from all sides, especially this increasingly incompetent president who has gotten almost 185,000 of us killed. I most sincerely apologize for my failings in dealing with it all and most humbly beg for your ever narrowing forgiveness.

    I will definitely take my lag in keeping up to date over 185,000 deaths any day, you asshole.

  7. Scotty the Imp- maybe you should get current facts before spewing your BS.
    As you said a few days ago about a comment on IJR “that was then now is now”. But that does not go for you!

  8. Jaybird- wondering does not equal facts. Typical tactic of a Libbie though as its part of your and your ilk’s style.

  9. PUTRID…Who is the president NOW?? Trump is president to his base only and the rest of the country can go to hell as far as he is concerned. Wonder how many miles of wall have fallen down or ready been breached? It’s a big expensive failure and will go down in history as such. And let’s not forget that trump’s inflammatory speech to the far right groups will be causing future deaths and violence.

  10. Lying Paul The Emeffer: yes my figure case old, but not that far off.

    By May 2020, only 16 miles out of 194 miles of wall constructed under this fascist administration was not replacement fencing, according to CBP. I have nothing more recent than that. Apparently, they have about 275 miles done now. Most of THAT will still be replacement, too.

  11. Scotty the Imposter aka genital Troll, good try at deception with your bullshit.

    As of June 23, President Trump on Tuesday toured new construction of the wall at the southern border in Arizona, marking more than 200 miles of wall built — as he seeks to show that he has delivered on what became a central and controversial 2016 election promise.

    If you look for facts Instead of playing with words many areas that were constructed were done in areas of deteriorated worthless existing fence in areas where illegal crossings occur.
    You are so full of 💩!

  12. Phyllis: it looks as if I Ching is listed as “Deleted User” now and his avatar image is now a default, too. There is no indication if this is self-imposed or not.

  13. “Trump AND Pence both appeared to believe they were running for a first term.” Phyllis

    Yup, since they couldn’t be bothered to make a new campaign platform, they are reprising the one from 2016.

  14. Phyllis:

    As a side note, I am going through old notifications and found this gem of a reply. Did you know that King Donald The Loser was joking about the wall all of this time? I kid you not.

    Tell me which IJR member wrote this:

    “Only liberals didn’t understand the joke about Mexico paying for the wall since your hatred erases your sense of humor. Indirectly, Mexico has paid and the wall is doing a phenomenal job.”

    So far, this “phenomenal job” has added only five miles of “wall” where there were none before. Five miles.

  15. LOL….Where is the unrest? In Trump’s America? Are Democrat controlled cities NOT in Trump’s America, Paul?? Will Democrats not control the cities in Trump’s 2nd term?? So how will it be different? Trump AND Pence both appeared to believe they were running for a first term.

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