Anderson Cooper's Meltdown in CNN Lobby Caught on Camera: 'Get the F*** Away from Me!'


CNN’s Anderson Cooper freaked out on an interviewer in the lobby of the network’s New York City building in a new video.

The cable news personality angrily cursed out a man who sought to question him on his coverage of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) transportation companies.

The footage was published Tuesday on the YouTube channel News and Java.

The interviewer asked Cooper about any potential investments he has in VTOL companies he profiled in an April “60 Minutes” segment.

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In the segment, Cooper depicted the luxury travel industry favorably. The extent to which battery-powered aircraft are viable as taxi-style transportation is yet to be demonstrated.

“EVTOLS promise a faster, safer and greener mode of transportation, potentially changing the way we work and live,” Cooper said of the concept on “60 Minutes.”

His interviewer wasn’t buying it, calling the segment a de facto ad for eVTOL companies.

“Why didn’t you tell the viewers they were infomercials for Joby, Lift and Wisk?”

Do you think CNN is going to go out of business?

Cooper angrily cursed out his impromptu interviewer after an awkward interaction with a sliding door.

“[What] the f*** are you saying? Get the f*** away from me!” the CNN journalist exploded on the man, following him in what appeared to be a public area of his network’s building.

“Did you have investments in those eVTOLs?” The man asked as Cooper disappeared behind a secured door in the building.

The interviewer’s line of questioning was insistent, but it’s far from unprecedented. CNN media personalities regularly pursue public figures with even more confrontational questioning.

Network performer Jim Acosta has badgered conservatives outside Congress on numerous occasions, often repeating questions endlessly when his targets decline to answer to his satisfaction.

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Now-disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo exploded on a man in public in 2019, threatening to throw one of his critics down a set of stairs after he was referred to as “Fredo.”

CNN has experienced challenges to its business model in the post-President Donald Trump news era, with the network’s new corporate parent seeking to shed its reputation for liberal partisanship.

Some of the most partisan personalities of the network — such as Brian Stelter and John Harwood — have been laid off from CNN this year.

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