Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blasts Congress: ‘Do Your Job’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has been updating the nation regularly as his state, and New York City, in particular, has been the hotbed for the coronavirus pandemic.

During Thursday’s press conference, Cuomo was frustrated that the federal bill does not give his state the resources that he says they desperately need, he says.

The governor told the press, “The congressional action, in my opinion, simply failed to address the governmental need.”

Moments later, he added, “When this is over, I promise you I’m going to give them a piece of my mind, but I would say to them today … This is the time for governmental leaders to stop making excuses and just do your job. Do your job.”

Cuomo said that he has talked to multiple representatives and senators who represent New York.

“I’m disappointed … I find it irresponsible. I find it reckless.”

He added, “We’re one nation, you know the places in this nation that have the most intense problems, address the places that need the help … Now is the time to actually step up, do the right thing and do your job. They haven’t as far as I’m concerned, especially when it comes to the governmental need.”

Watch the video below:

New York City has become the focus of the nation as it is the epicenter of coronavirus cases in the United States — around 30% of all the cases of coronavirus in the United States are in the big apple, according to the local NBC station.

Cuomo said in a press conference last week that he expects the coronavirus cases in New York will peak in 45 days.

He has been outspoken and critical of the federal government’s handling of the virus, especially the demand for ventilators, saying in a recent press conference, “There is no other way for us to get these ventilators, we’ve tried everything else. The only way we can obtain these ventilators is from the federal government, period.”

Published in IJR