AOC, Jerry Nadler, and 7 NY House Dems Call on NY Gov. Cuomo To Resign

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is facing several calls to resign, and now that includes from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.).

Calls are mounting for Cuomo to resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

In a statement Friday, Nadler applauded the “bravery” of those who came forward “to share their experiences” with Cuomo, deeming it “inspiring.”

“I stand with them in support,” he said. “The repeated accusations against the Governor, and the manner in which he has responded to them, have made it impossible for him to continue to govern at this point.”

Nadler noted that Cuomo is “guaranteed due process under law.” He also called the accusations “credible ” and “the charges against him are serious indeed.”

New York Attorney General Letita James is leading an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations. Cuomo is facing six allegations of sexual harassment.

Nadler continued:

“But there is a difference between formal investigations that may end in criminal charges and a question of confidence in our political leadership. The question before us is squarely a political judgment.”

“Governor Cuomo has lost the confidence of the people of New York,” Nadler added. “Governor Cuomo must resign.”

Check out Nadler’s statement below:

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) called on Cuomo to no longer be governor.

“The specific allegation that the governor called an employee of his, someone who he had power over, called them to a private place and then sexually assaulted her, it’s absolutely unacceptable,” de Blasio said. “It is disgusting to me, and he can no longer serve as governor.”

Nine House Democrats, who are from New York, including Nadler, issued calls for Cuomo to resign on Friday.

Citing the sexual harassment allegations as well as the report that the Cuomo administration “hid date on COVID-19 nursing home deaths from both the public and the state legislature,” Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) said, “Governor Cuomo can longer effectively lead in the face of so many challenges.”

Cuomo has denied sexual harassment allegations.


  1. Put any lying, cheating, corrupt up there and you have a lowlife criminal that should be removed. AOC and Nadler coming out to criticize anyone is a deceptive joke. Cuomo is the sacrifice to get attention from the cheating by Democrats during the election and the corruption of Mad King Biden. They would have you watch Cuomo while America is brought low by the Mad King and his minions in Congress. Dependence on foreign oil, lost jobs, increased prices, lost jobs, now increased taxes which will be all paid by American workers. Did I mention lost jobs? Buckle up people cause we’re in for a long hard ride.

    $1400 check to get everything they wanted – total control and all their past, failed legislation passed. Now you’ll lose tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t worry, there will be another opportunity to lose even more very soon. Another big spending bill in addition to restricting your Constitutional rights is coming, accompanied by another check. They want you to sell out your future cheap, then pay it all back 10,20,30 times over. Wake up to see this brain dead fool sitting behind a desk in the Oval Office for what he is.

  2. Laughing at how the Democrats are now eating their own.

    Typical example at what morons are employed by CNN….

    Andrew Cuomo said he’ll never run for president. That’s a mistake.
    Chris Cillizza

    Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large
    Updated 1:13 PM ET, Tue March 31, 2020

    Will Andrew Cuomo Ever Run for President?
    The governor of New York has been a central figure in the coronavirus response. Will his newfound popularity spur him to throw his hat in the presidential ring?
    APR 11, 2020

    Hey Norman, want an answer to that?

    1. How is this eating their own? This is Democrats holding Democrats to the same standards they apply to Republicans. Being Democrat doesn’t mean you’re a good person – there’s trash in both parties. I’m just happy my party will happily take out the trash.

      Nice try though.

      1. Dems have no standards. The Dems are only responding to the sexual allegations. The are trying to evade the elderly deaths. You know, like throwing granny off the cliff. Which party sez that?

        1. You have selective hearing. Cuomo has been taking heat for nursing home data from Democrats for almost a month. Though I would agree, official calls for resignation should have come a lot earlier.

        2. You’re absolutely correct. Pick a crime. Sexual harassment or allowing old folks to die to fix his Covid numbers.
          That’s a supreme example of deflection. As for the Dems being critical of his behavior? Hard to believe that it’s not just another con or faux outrage. They do stick together. Obviously better than the Rhinos.

      2. Penis – Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats let both Clintons, The Obamanation, Mad King
        Biden, Dead Kennedy and a host of corrupt Democrat criminals get away with crimes over the years. Why change in Cuomo’s case?

    1. I hate to HAVE to remind you of this, Mac, but that is your fault. And my fault. And EVERY voter’s fault.

      We MUST elect better politicians. It is up to ALL of us. Will YOU start voting better?

          1. actually GC Hater you missed the obvious point… there aren’t any good people that run for office… so you get to vote for the freaks that can’t hold a normal job or they have so much money they feel a need to put something on their resume….
            so, come up with some good people to vote for or shut the phuck up for once….

          2. How about voting for non-millionaires who have lived a typical struggling life and who prove that they are not going to participate in the DC slush funds emanating from VERY wealthy donors? At least you would have a fighting chance that they won’t be corrupt and remain that way. Certainly better that Kristen Sinema. How did she work out? She went from a Green Party supporter to a typical “thumbs down” corporate slimeball because of her donors. Track which big money gets sent their way, to figure out who is corrupt. Don’t vote for them, try to primary them with someone who takes small donations from their constituents. It isn’t THAT difficult.

    1. Good one!
      Perhaps Germaine Greer was on to something.
      The Female Eunuch called on women to reject their traditional roles in the home, and explore ways to break out of the mould that society had imposed on them.

        1. Confused Squat – Apparently, when it happened to Mad King Biden’s assault on a member of his staff. Nothing was done about it. Completely ignored by the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats, like Dead Kennedy’s homicide and assaults or all of the Hillarroid’s crimes or Bill Clinton’s assaults and other crimes or a host of other Democrats crimes.

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