AOC Suggests She Received the Same Treatment While Eating As Kavanaugh Did


The move by protesters to demonstrate outside of a restaurant where Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was dining has garnered a range of reactions.

Some of it has been outrage, some have suggested that such protests should be expected, and others have suggested that outrage about the protest was hypocritical.

But the incident led conservative commentator Matt Lewis to question how Democrats would respond if conservatives were Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was eating and decided to protest.

And Ocasio-Cortez, of course, took the chance to declare that she previously received the same treatment as Kavanaugh because people took pictures of her at a restaurant and circulated them online.

“Republicans love to ask ‘what would happen if the right-wing harassed someone in restaurant??’ as if they haven’t been doing that since Day 1,” the New York Congresswoman tweeted.

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She went on, ”These are their own tweets from 2019! So the answer of what happens when it’s a Dem is: nothing. 0 sympathy for hypocritical whiners.”

Her tweet included screenshots of a story from The Daily Caller with the caption, ”Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Instructs Americans To Eat Fewer Hamburgers.”

Next to it was a picture apparently of the Congresswoman next to her chief of staff, who was eating a hamburger.

Do you think these were equivalent events?

Check out some of the reactions to her tweet below:

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Kavanaugh reportedly did not come in contact with the protesters.

So in that sense, if the person who took the picture did not harass her, then in some sense the situations were similar.

But there is a difference between a group of people showing up at a restaurant and demanding you get kicked out and someone being somewhat of a creep and taking a picture of you eating to expose hypocrisy.

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