Joy Behar Scolds Americans for Not Delivering Biden a Supermajority in Congress


By many standards, Democrats had a pretty good night during the 2022 midterm elections.

They appear to have prevented Republicans from winning a massive majority in the House. And they have a good shot to, at the very least, keep the status quo in the Senate.

And those results come as President Joe Biden’s approval rating is hovering in the low 40s and polls show a majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Given the historical trends, that is a pretty good night for the party in power.

However, Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” is not happy voters did not give Biden a supermajority in Congress.

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“I don’t want to be Debbie Downer,” Behar began on Thursday. “But, you know, on the one hand you have a party that tries to save healthcare, that tries to save your right to vote, that tries to preserve a women’s right, that tries to save the planet. And we still don’t have a supermajority?”

She added, “Half of this country is not paying attention to their own needs!”

Watch the video below:

The panelists on “The View” love telling American voters they are not thinking about what is really best for them, or implying they do not know what is in their best interest. Which is rather insulting.

But her argument appears to be a little flawed. Six states this year had ballot measures about abortion. In California, Vermont, and Michigan, voters approved measures to enshrine access to abortion. In Kansas, Kentucky, and Montana voters rejected measures that would restrict access to abortion.

Additionally, many Republicans who questioned the results of the 2020 election either lost their own elections or won with narrow margins.

And in states such as Ohio, Georgia, and New Hampshire, Republican governors who did not question the results of the last election handily won reelection.

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To assume that voters are not paying attention to “their own needs” does not seem to be accurate.

Instead, it appears voters gave some thought into what the candidates really stood for.

And so far, it appears they were not too interesting in supporting candidates who they believed were tethered to former President Donald Trump and his election claims.

But it also seems that as is typical in a midterm, they were weary of giving the party in control unchecked power.

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