After Feud With Warren, Bernie Sanders Airs Ad Aimed at Women

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, stung by a feud with progressive ally Elizabeth Warren over gender and electability, released an ad aimed at women voters in New Hampshire on Friday touting his support for women’s rights.

Ahead of a weekend trip to the state that votes second in the Democratic presidential nominating race next month, the ad highlights Sanders’ support for equal pay, abortion rights, paid family leave and affordable child care.

“Bernie Sanders is on our side and always has been,” the female narrator says in the ad, which the campaign said would air in New Hampshire along with a second video touting Sanders’ ambitious goals such as universal healthcare and affordable college.

“Women do not need 80 cents on the dollar. They need the whole damn dollar,” Sanders says in the television spot, which also aired on Monday in Iowa, the state that kicks off the Democratic presidential voting on Feb. 3.

Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, has been on the defensive this week after Warren accused him of telling her in a 2018 meeting that a woman could not win the White House in 2020. Sanders has denied saying it.

The feud between the two old friends and leading liberals was fanned when a microphone caught Warren, who represents Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate, telling Sanders after Tuesday’s debate in Iowa that he had accused her of lying on national television.

The spat threatens to sidetrack Sanders’ recent momentum just as he had begun to rise in opinion polls of the Democratic race to find a challenger to Republican President Donald Trump. New Hampshire will vote in the state-by-state race on Feb. 11.

Sanders is battling Warren, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, in a tight race for the top in both states.

Some polls show Sanders, who has strong support among young and liberal voters, trailing his top rivals among women. A Monmouth University poll in New Hampshire from earlier this month found him slightly trailing all three leading rivals among likely women voters.

Sanders plans to campaign in New Hampshire on Saturday and Sunday, with a quick trip to South Carolina and Iowa on Monday before returning to Washington next week for the start of Trump’s impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate.

(Reporting by John Whitesides; Editing by Tom Brown and Daniel Wallis)


  1. Genital and Phil,

    How ironic that you call out SOME for using nicknames, yet somehow Drumpf, “King”, etc. get passes.

    It’s almost like Dims ignore the crimes and offesnes of their own. But that would be a double-standard. Oh wait….you ARE Dim.

    1. I welcome you citing a specific example of me using “Drumpf or ‘King'”. I do not call out unnamed individuals for childish nicknames—I call it out on specific postings of IJR posters emulating Trump’s penchant for playground tactics and express my hope that it disappears once Trump leave office. WHAT are the criminal offenses of Democrats that I ignore? Duncan Hunter & Chris Collins are REPUBLICANS. Lev Parnas was not federally charged for campaign finance violations to DEMOCRAT campaign & PAC’s. “Candidate-1” is Pete Sessions-a REPUBLICAN. Michael Cohen was not charged for campaign finance violations involving a DEMOCRAT candidate–Cohen identified “candidate-1” in his indictment as Trump. Manafort, Gates, Stone, Papadopolous, & Flynn are Republicans. At the time of his arrest, Michael Cohen was Finance Chair of the RNC! He has since changed his party affiliation. Trump who was fined $2 million last month for stealing from his own charity, is a registered R.—The Trump Foundation was shutdown under government surveillance. WHAT crimes of D’s do you wish me to denounce?? His children were ordered to have instruction in charity regulations. The Uranium One conspiracy was debunked once AGAIN in Huber’s report released 2 weeks ago. The Clinton Foundation is in full operation. The 8 Benghazi investigations ALL debunked the conspiracies. The accusations of criminal activity of the Bidens has been disproved in both the U.S. and Ukraine. Sorry, I do not call out R’s or D’s for conspiracies some wacko dreamed up. I READ the Mueller Report. I READ the House depositions and testimony. I READ the summary of the April and July phone calls. I READ Duffey’s emails to DOD. I READ many of Lev Parnas’ texts. WHAT D’s were implicated in crimes? Whatabout is not a defense. I am guessing you participated in high school debate teams. In WHAT debate was it ever recognized as an acceptable defense?

  2. Sanders has been campaigning for women’s rights and supporting programs for women for decades, since Warren was what used to be a Republican.

  3. “It’s a truism that Socialism attracts the young, stupid, and mostly male losers by dangling candy in front of them they cannot get on their own.” I Ching

    Actually, the opposite of what you claim is true.

    First of all, if you want to talk about anyone attracting most of the male losers, it would be conservative groups who attract incels who feel that “women owe them” something.

    Secondly, America is a socialist country, too. If you have a “Social” Security number, then you are a card-carrying member. Socialist ideas are gaining in popularity, not because of its name, but because the beaten-down people are fed up of being under the thumbs of corrupt politicians, our oligarchy and their corporations, and their lobbyists. The people are only going to take that for so long before they rise up and rebel.

  4. “4 Nicknames… appear to really miss your days on the playground.” Phyllis

    Yeah. But wait until one of THEM earns a nickname and see just how butthurt THEY get!

    1. Thanks for the posting of my reply to Tom—Cherie perceived the need to hide it.

  5. Comrade Sanders and Pocahontas must unite to fight off Slow Joe and the Buttboy.

    1. 4 Nicknames… appear to really miss your days on the playground.

    2. Ignore the TDS ghoul. Four nicknames is creative. Good for you.

  6. Now that pathologically-lying Lizzie is off the list, I wonder who Bernie will nominate for VP?

    IF, IF, IF he gets the nomination. With the forces of the MSM and DNC arrayed against him he’s looking at a replay of his 2016 run.

    His violence-prone supporters realize the game is rigged. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he loses and they start attacking MSM, burning cities, and assassinating law enforcement? It’s a truism that Socialism attracts the young, stupid, and mostly male losers by dangling candy in front of them they cannot get on their own.

    1. Screw, Perhaps you can recruit the Bernie Bros to YOUR “Civil War 2.0” You indicated you know the method to win them over.

  7. How sad that so many young people support Bernie. He is literally the picture of “failure to launch”, or simply “failure to have a non-political life”. Come on now. Living with dirt floors and without electricity or running water until 40, when he got his FIRST paycheck?

    That says failure. Dysfunction. Living in mom & dad’s basement.

    Maybe failure and the need to have other’s support them is the common link, because they cannot make it on their own. Pathetic parasites.

    1. 2016 primary and general elections will be studied in history for centuries to come. We had fantasies of free stuff abound. Free wall and free tax cuts and consequence FREE actions sold to 64 million Americans by a known con man. On the other side, we had the supporters of the candidate who won 43% of the vote, 23 of 57 primary contests, which earned Bernie 1,000 less delegates claim their candidate and his fantasy policies should win the nomination. NOT America’s finest hour.

  8. I’m curious why the young idiots, err, selfish Socialists think Bernie is The One to finally make Marx’s idiot rantings ACTUALLY WORK.

    If I had a time machine I wouldn’t kill baby Hitler. I’d do Marx and Engels to death. Those idiot losers are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions through their demented scribblings (yes, I’ve read their writings with a lot caffeine and alcohol needed).

    Think about it. No Lenin. No Hitler or Mussolini. No Castro. No Chavez or Maduro. No Mao.

    1. LOL…And yet, you repeatedly claimed the Dems should have voted for Bernie in 2016. WHAT is different in his fantasy policies in 2020 than he campaigned on in 2016??? LOL…I have read YOUR postings and perceive a lot of caffeine and alcohol was needed to arrive at your conclusions.

  9. James and Joey,

    Bernie IS for Bernie. That’s the selfish nature of socialism. “I want free stuff for others, but me first.”

  10. Sanders has been campaigning for women’s rights and supporting programs for women for decades, since Warren was what used to be a Republican.

    1. You mean the fake Indian squaw was a Republican like Alinksy-radicalized Socialist Hillary Rotten Clinton used to be a Republican who was campaigning for Arizona’s Barry Goldwater back in the day before she lost HER mind too?

  11. It’s happening. If left alone the Democrats and whatever Bernie is will eat their own. The debates are making President Trump even more of a 2020 winner.

    1. Bernie and Bernie Bros assisted you in 2016, it appears to be their plan for 2020. Should you not be voicing appreciation?

  12. Commie Bernie is such a panderer; telling lies to get to the WH. Sorry, Bernie. YOU lose again!

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